Index to 1811 and 1818 Census Rolls


These Census records have been transcribed from Appendices A and B of Public Archives of Nova Scotia (PANS) Publication No.2, "Holland's Description of Cape Breton Island and Other Documents," compiled by D.C. Harvey, Archivist, in 1935. The introduction to the appendices is reproduced here:

"Appendix A comprises all the nominal census rolls of Cape Breton Island for the year 1811 that have been preserved. They are bound in Volume 333 of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, and are very much the worse for wear. In order to save them while there is yet time, they have been printed below. The same may be said of the returns for 1818 which are printed in Appendix B. Both returns are incomplete, particularly in regard to settlement on the east coast of Cape Breton Island, including the new capital of Sydney; but they are of great value when compared with the statistical tables of 1766 and 1774, as they indicate a gradual increase in the number of settlements, and by giving the actual names of the settlers enable the student to make comparative tables of the racial complexion of the population. The returns of 1818, in particular, may form the basis of a study not only of immigration to Cape Breton Island but also of migration within the Maritime Provinces."

Every effort has been made to faithfully reproduce the entries as they were recorded in the PANS publication; however, if anyone notes any errors, I would appreciate your letting me know. I am indebted to Sherry Lessley of Sydney for most of the transcription. Ann


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Unnumbered District Gut of Canso, St. Georges Bay, Ship Harbour, Plaster of Paris Cove, River Inhabitants, Carabuctu.
District 1 Arishat
District 2 Arishat

Page 2

District 3 Little Arishat
District 4 Barre a Echoue, Petit Des grat, upper part of Arishat
District 5 D'Escousse, Grand Digue
District 6 River Bourgeois, St.Peter's
District 7 l'Ardoise
District 8 Arishat, Petit Des Grat, Little Arishat



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Ship Harbour, Gut of Canso
North end of the Gut of Canso
From Balhache's Point in the Gut of Canso to Grand Judique
Location uncertain: probably a continuation of last return

Page 2

District of Port Hood
Broad Cove

Page 3

Margarie--Broad Cove
District of Cheticamp

Page 4

South end Gut of Canso

Lower Settlement River Inhabitants
District of Louisbourg
Cabarouse Bay
Lorhan Inhabit

Page 5

Division of Baddeck
District of Little Bras d'Or
District of St. Andrews



Created 22 October 1997


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