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Compiled & Contributed by Robert J. Morgan, Ph.D.


"The following list of Cape Breton loyalists was compiled using various documents including victualling lists, correspondence and a few family histories. Since the Cape Breton authorities failed to draw up lists of loyalists as such, a great deal of cross-checking was necessary.  In most cases the author has relied on documentary evidence for names and information.  The two exceptions are the names Severence and Sheperd for which there are strong family traditions of loyalist ancestry but no documentary evidence as yet.  The author would appreciate any information available on any Cape Breton loyalist in order to make this list more complete and exact."

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KELLY, John Pennsylvania   84th Regiment; Single
KING, Ausburry c.1768- Virginia To N.S. 1784 to Gut of Canso, 1797 Farmer
KING, Barry 1768-   Gut of Canso  
KING, Edward 1770- Boston Mabou Farmer; single (Married by 1818)
KING, Henry 1762-   Ship Harbour 1785 via N.S. Farmer; fisherman; married, 7 children by 1818
KING, John      
LARREBY, John 1764- New England Mabou  
LEAVER, John New York Baddeck Wife dead; 7 children
LEITCH, John   Leitches Creek Bras D'Or Royal Carolina Regiment
LEWIS, Henry c.1758- Virginia Leitches Creek  
LINDEN, Henry 1763-   Gut of Canso Farmer
LLOYD, Pat      
LLOYD, Thomas   Sydney  
LORWAY, Richard 1755- Albany, New York Louisbourg 1781\ Single
LOVELL, Benjamin (Rev.) 1755-1828) Massachusetts South West Arm, Sydney Harbour  
McCORRISTINE, Terrence New York Sydney Merchant; Wife & 3 children
McDONALD, John      
McGILVERY, Daniel   Low Point, arrived 1785  
McGREGOR, Daniel New York   Farmer; single
McKAY, Robert      
McKENZIE, Paul     33rd Regiment
McKINNON, William -1817 Carolina; b. Scotland Sydney  
MANN, Isaac New York Baddeck, arrived 1785  
MANNING, William 1775-   Mabou  
MARPLE, Richard   N.E. Margaree  
MARSLAND, William   Sydney 23rd Regiment
MARTIN, John   North West Arm, Sydney Harbour  
MATHEWS, David -1800 Mayor, New York City North West Arm, Sydney Harbour Estate: Point Amalia
MELONEY, John D. Long Island, N.Y. Sydney, arrived 1784 Wife & 3 children
MIDDLETON, William      
MOFFAT, James Rhode Island North West Arm, Sydney Harbour  
MOLYNEUX, Stephen   Sydney  
MOORE, Adam   Leitches Creek  
MOORE, George 1748- b. Ireland Great Arichat 10 yrs. as naval officer; single
MOOREHEAD, John   Sydney  
MURRAY, John d. 1797   Sydney 63rd Regiment; son-in-law of D. Mathews?
MUSGRAVE, Bartholomew 1757-1837 New York North west Arm, Sydney Harbour  


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Created 18 April 1998


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