Cape Breton Book List

A list of printed genealogical and historical references for Cape Breton researchers.
Some of the listed books are long out of print and may be available only from dealers in used books. Check the links to many of these dealers at the bottom of this page.




Transcription of Primary Sources

Cape Breton Island Census, 1838-1841

Compiled by Mildred Howard, CG(C)
Cape Breton Genealogical Society, Sydney, December 1991
A compilation of the 1838 Cape Breton Census, well-organized alphabetically by county. This census includes head of family, occupation, composition of family, and location for the counties of Cape Breton, Richmond, and Inverness. Victoria County was later formed out of part of Cape Breton County.
Holland's Description of Cape Breton Island and Other Documents

Compiled with an introduction by D.C. Harvey, Archivist
Public Archives of Nova Scotia Publication No. 2 Halifax, NS. 1935
From the preface: "This volume is a collection of documents relating primarily to the work of Captain Samuel Holland in Cape Breton Island. It consists chiefly of letters to and from Holland concerning his survey of that island between 1765 and 1767, his final description as submitted to the Board of Trade in 1768, an explanation of the townships as marked on his plan of 1766, a short description of a later date based upon his original outline, and other letters of Holland subsequent to 1768 . . . . An introduction has been written to explain conditions in Cape Breton Island immediately before and after the survey and to place Holland's work in perspective. Two appendices have been added to make generally known, as well as to preserve, the incomplete census rolls of 1811 and 1818." 168 pages.

Birth records of Central and Western Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, 1820's and 1830's From Baptism Records kept by Rev. John MacLennan

Compiled by James St. Clair
Privately Published through Mabou Communications Limited, PO Box 250, Mabou, NS B0E 1X0. October 1993
This genealogical resource has been gleaned from the baptismal records of the Reverend John MacLennan, who visited Cape Breton on several occasions while he was a resident of Belfast, Prince Edward Island, and ministering to a large Scots populace in that area. Dr. St. Clair has extracted parents--including maiden name of mother--and children and presented them in alphabetical order according to the original spelling by Reverend MacLennan. 8 1/2 X 11. 104 pages.

County and Local Histories

Cape Breton County

To The Hill of Boisdale: Pioneer families of Boisdale, Cape Breton and Surrounding Areas
A.J. MacMillan
Music Hill Publications Sydney, NS, 1986
ISBN: 0921555008
This book is considered a classic in Cape Breton, and contains many multi-generation family trees. It includes families from Leitches Creek, Boisdale, Beaver Cove, Boularderie, Barrachois, Long Island, Ironville, and Shenacadie East.
Submitted by Stephen MacDonald
The MacKenzie's History of Christmas Island Parish
Archibald A. MacKenzie
MacKenzie Rothe Publishing Partnership, 79 Walford Road West, Sudbury, Ontario. 1984
ISBN: 0-9691643-0-0 (Hardcover) and )-969164-1-9 (Paper Edition)
Revised and updated version of the 1926 original of Archibald J. MacKenzie by his son. Although primarily genealogies of the parishioners of Christmas Island, this book includes history, oral history (in both English and Gaelic), Gaelic lyrics and music, a map, and several illustrations. 268 pages.
Memories of the Harbour Point: Gabarus, Cape Breton,Nova Scotia, Canada. 1900-1918
Mrs. George Frederick Mann (Stella Catherine Hilchey)
November 1987
Memories of life in Harbour Point, a small spit of land in Gabarus Harbour. A collection of vignettes, including family groups, line drawings, and photographs. Some of the families mentioned are Grant, Hilchey(Hilchie), Cann, Mann, Bagnell, Covey (from Tancook), MacDonald, Hardy, MacGillivray, and Ballah.
Only a Memory: The Story of Canoe Lake, Cape Breton
Annie (Munroe) MacLean
Memories of life in Canoe Lake, a small farming community four miles inland from Gabarus. Includes genealogies, maps, illustrations and photographs.
Tides and Times:Life on the Cape Breton Coast at Gabarus and Vicinity, 1713-1990
Mary and George Lavery
Privately Published 1991
ISBN 0-9695458-0-0
A cultural and religious history of the people along the coast from Gabarus to Forchu, based on public and church records and interviews with local people. The book is well-referenced and contains the names of many early settlers, including a list of ship captains. Land grant map insert. Illustrated. No index.
Port Morien: Pages from the Past
Kenneth James MacDonald
University College of Cape Breton Press 1995
ISBN: 0-920336-60-4
A revealing look at the history of Port Morien in Cape Breton, uncovering its early connection to shipping, fishing, the railway, and the coal mining industry, being home to the first commercial coal mine in North America. 148 pp., 10 X 8, photographs.
Memories of a Cape Breton Childhood
Earle Peach
Nimbus Publishing Limited PO Box 9301, Station A, Halifax, NS   B3K 5N5; 1990
ISBN: 0-921054-41-6
An entertaining account of life in the small rural community of Black Brook, on the outskirts of Port Morien, in the years between 1910 and 1929. Mr. Peach includes many character sketches of family, friends, and neighbors while painting a vivid picture of home, school, and church in a close-knit community. To supplement the anecdotal accounts, the appendix contains genealogical information on Martell, Holmes, Peach, Andrews, Peters, and Boutilier families and spouses (including many surnames from the Port Morien/Black Brook/Homeville area). 130 pp., paperback, map and photographs.
Windows on the Past: North Sydney, Nova Scotia
Elva E. Jackson
Lancelot Press, Windsor, NS. 1974
A history of the town of North Sydney, written on the eve of its 90th anniversary of incorporation, this book chronicles all aspects of the town's development from the settlement of the Loyalists in 1789 to the modern era. Topics covered include shipping and seamen, coal mining. churches and schools, and business establishments. References, bibliography, and index. 260 pages.
Old Sydney: Sketches of the Town & Its People in Days Gone By
J.G. MacKinnon
Old Sydney Society, Sydney, NS
ISBN: 0-9692642-2-4
Tales from the early days of Sydney, reprinted from the 1918 edition. 160 pages.

Inverness County

Whycocomagh District Historical Society Book of Memories
The Whycocomagh District Historical Society has taken on a project to record and preserve local history.  They are a non profit group and this will serve as their only fundraiser.  Members from the society as well as those from the community contributed stories and pictures to our booklet.  It is about 50 pages (printed on both sides) the front and the back cover are cardstock and laminated.

Should anyone wish to buy a book, they are at MacKeigans Pharmacy  in Whycocmagh and in the gift shop at the Farmer's Daughter. They can also send them out in the mail.  The book cost $15.00 plus shipping.  If mailed within Canada the cost is $3.11 for shipping .Total cost of book if mailed within Canada $18.11.  Mailed to the States the shipping cost is $4.97.  Total cost of the book including shipping charges when mailed to the States is $19.97
To order a copy by mail you may send your name and address and a cheque made payable to the Whycocomagh District
Historical Society to either of the people listed below. 

Audrey Fraser
Whycocomagh, Nova Scotia B0E 3M0
Arlene Ragan
Box 155
Nova Scotia
B0E 3M0

History of Inverness County, Nova Scotia
J.L. MacDougall
News Publishing Company Limited, Truro, Nova Scotia, First Edition, 1922
A complete history of Inverness County and its settlers by area.
History of Inverness County, Nova Scotia
J.L. MacDougall
Global Genealogy
Mabou Pioneers Volume I
A.D. MacDonald
Formac Publishing Company Limited, Halifax, NS
Mabou Pioneers Volume I
A.D. MacDonald

Formac Lorimer Books
Mabou Pioneers Volume II
Mabou Pioneer Committee
Mabou Pioneer Committee; 1977, Mabou, NS
The book has updates on many of the families in Mabou Pioneer Vol. I - BUT it also has the accounts of 49 families not included in Vol. 1, mostly Presbyterian and Baptist as Bk 1 did not include any Protestant families. There are also several Roman Cathlic families not mentioned in Bk 1. I did the work on those 49 families, including my own ancestors. These include the first year-round settlers in Mabou, the Worths. It may be of interest to note in the account of Mabou Pioneer Bk 1 that the accounts are of Roman Catholic families only - many people are misled by the title, as it assumes that there were not other pioneer famillies. I am working on histories of the 30 other early families, which I will publish some day. I am willing to respond to questions.
Submitted by Dr. James St. Clair, , or RR 2 Mabou, Nova Scotia B0E-1X0.
Cheticamp: History and Acadian Traditions
Father Anselme Chiasson
Breakwater Books Ltd. 1986
ISBN: 0-919519-96-2
Father Chiasson chronicles the history and cultural heritage of the Acadians of Cheticamp. Sprinkled throughout the book are sketches of individuals and families, as well as folktales, traditional songs, and children's rhymes. The appendices include the census of 1809 for Cheticamp and Margaree and a list of the origins of some original inhabitants and their parents. References and bibliography. Some photographs.
Chéticamp: History and Acadian Traditions by Anselme Chiasson, updated edition with 64 photos and a new chapter by Father Chiasson. ISBN 1-895415-29-2, 288 pages, Index, 16.95. Bibliography and Index. From Cape Breton
The Broken Ground: A History of Inverness Town--1803-1954
Ned MacDonald
Most of this booklet focuses on the Inverness coal mining industry, but it contains some early history and photographs. It also includes an 1818 list of inhabitants and a land grant map of 1896. 7 1/2" x 10 1/2", newsprint.
History of Northeast Margaree
John F. Hart
Privately published, Margaree Centre, 1962
A historical sketch of the District of North Margaree, which extends from the northern boundary of Margaree Forks to the southern boundary of Cheticamp along the western boundary of Victoria County. Fully two-thirds of this book is devoted to family histories. Index of surnames.
Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia: A Glimpse of the Past
Lorena Forbrigger, Editor
Port Hawkesbury Centennial Committee, Port Hawkesbury, 1988
In this Centennial history of Port Hawkesbury, the text is liberally supplemented with early paintings and photos. The early chapters contain the names of many original settlers, the sources for which are documented.
Our Mountains and Glens: The History of River Denys, Big Brook and Lime Hill (North Side), Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Rita Heuser Farrell
ISBN: 0-9697359-0-1
Privately printed, Fredericton, NB. 1993
This book provides short histories of the churches, schools, and other institutions in the lives of residents, but approximately two-thirds of the book is dedicated to chronicling family histories, including photographs. Some of the earlier names noted are MacGregor, MacLean,MacIntyre, MacKenzie, MacLennan, Kennedy, Mingo, and Fowler. (There are many more.) 480 pp. 8 1/2 x 11 hardcover. Bibliography.
Richmond County
Journey Through a Cape Breton County: Pioneer Roads in Richmond County Arthur J. Stone
University College of Cape Breton Press 1991
ISBN: 0-920336-39-6
Mr. Stone presents many previously unpublished facets of the county's history: the development of the St. Peter's Canal, the evolution of ferrry service in the region, the role of country inns in the social life of pioneers, and the growth of the postal system, together with sketches of many of the people involved in these developments. References, bibliography, and index. Illustrated.
Highland Community on the Bras d'Or P.J. MacKenzie Campbell
Casket Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd., Antigonish, NS. 1978
A history of the Red Islands District of Cape Breton, now better known as Johnstown. Includes census lists for 1818, 1838, and 1871, with suplementary information on Campbell and Johnston families.Illustrated.
The River That Isn't: A Tale of Survival and Prosperity, River Bourgeois, Cape Breton, 1714-1994 Garvie Samson
Privately published. Reprint 1995
ISBN: 0-9699105-0-9
A history of River Bourgeois, Richmond County. Includes census list for 1818, the A.F. Church map of the area, and many original documents. Illustrated.
Settlers of Southside, an Historical Account: St. George's Channel, Nova Scotia Katherine Easthouse
Privately published Second Printing 1992
Contains many genealogical sketches of families residing along the south side of West Bay of the Bras d'Or Lakes. Includes a transcription of the stones in MacLeod's Cemetery, The Points. Index. Photographs & illustrations.

Victoria County

Profiles & Obituaries of some of Baddeck Pioneers & Residents This is not a book but rather e-articles as part of Donnell Beaton's website, dedicated to Profiles/Obituaries, Eulogies, Testimonials, Stories, and Biographies of any former Baddeck area residents who are buried in the Baddeck local cemeteries.  This is a work in progress and help is needed with submission of the above.
Prepartion of a Cemetery Prior to Charting - The work of Lloyd Stone This is not a book but rather a e-article on the website of Donnell Beaton.  This is a very informative article with photos showing the work that goes into preparing a cemetery for charting.
Patterson's History of Victoria County
Edited by W. James MacDonald
University College of Cape Breton Press
ISBN: 0-920336-02-7
Originally written in 1885 by G.G. Patterson, the work provides an account of the time and lives of people living in Victoria County through photographs, a list of the first settlers, and place names of various towns. His work has been updated to include appendices and footnotes.
Notes of Ingonish and Its People VOL.I Editor, Tom Brewer
Privately published.
From the scrap books of Mary Helen Doucette a collection of her social columns and other stories about life in Ingonish. Articles in this volume range from the mid 1950's up to and including 1958. 200 pages, including an index of names, cerlox binding with card stock covers, repr., 1997 $20.00 + $3.50 shipping and handling charges. Purchasers outside Canada are requested to remit in US funds. This book is available by contacting the author at
Submitted by Lark B. Szick
All Call Iona Home--1800 to 1950
S.R. MacNeil
Formac Publishing Company Limited, PO Box 1688, Antigonish, NS 1979.
ISBN: 0-88780-034-6
Genealogies of the families of Iona from 1800 to 1950.
Middle River: Past and Present History of a Cape Breton Community--1806-1985
John A. Nicholson,Charlotte MacIver, Mabel MacKenzie, Catherine MacLean, Peggy MacLeod, Edith Mac Pherson, Alena MacRae, Eva MacRae, Georgie MacRae, and Wallace MacRae
The Middle River area Historical Society 1985. $10.00
This history is liberally illustrated with photographs of people and homes and maps noting locations of houses with family names. There is much to interest the genealogist, with lists of school children and early baptisms and a bibliography, including several family histories. An index is available from the society for $5.
Middle River Cemetery Middle River, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
The Middle River area Historical Society 1997. $30.00
This book pictures the stones with inscriptions plus an index with all the names of those buried in the cemetery (if there was a marker placed for them).A plan of the cemetery is included showing how to locate each stone.
Submitted by Peggy MacLeod
The Hidden Heritage: Buried Romance at St. Ann's, N.S. James B. Lamb
Lancelot Press, Windsor, NS
The story of St. Ann's Bay, from the time of the French fortifications to the establishment of the Gaelic College, including vignettes of Norman MacLeod, Angus MacAskill, and A.W.R. MacKenzie, plus a segment on shipbuilding at St. Ann's. Illustrations.

Island Histories

Bras D'Or Shack Stories Author: Dennis Jessome
Complied by Lark B. Szick

Any book of memories about the Bras D'Or shacks is bound to be of interest as Bras D'Or is one of the oldest and most enduring communities in Cape Breton and the past and present day inhabitants of it carry with them not only the memories, but the good, solid attitudes in their everyday life.

The contribution made by these people was considerable. Their efforts should not pass without some permanent tribute. With this in mind, Dennis' memories and record of the trials and successes of growing up in the shacks will be of interest to the younger generation and serve as a reflection to the generation that grew up in this time frame.
75 pages, cerlox binding with card stock covers, first printing, Dec. 2006

For more information, please contact Lark Szick at

Cape Breton Ships and Men
John P. Parker, MBE, Master Mariner
Hazell Watson & Viney Limited, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, 1967
An account of shipbuilding in Cape Breton, the shipbuiders, the ships, and the masters. The book is organized by shipbuilding regions and contains many illustrations. Two excellent indexes, one of the ships and the other of places and names, are included.
The Well-Watered Garden: A Presbyterian Church History
Laurie Stanley
University College of Cape Breton Press
ISBN: 0-920336-16-7
The story of the Presbyterian Church in Cape Breton, 1798-1860, particularly the story of Isabella Gordon Mackay and the Edinburgh Ladies' Association.
A History of the Catholic Church in Eastern Nova Scotia, Volumes I and II
A.A. Johnson
St. Francis Xavier University Press, Antigonish, NS
Reconstructed from original documents and diaries, this is a record of the Catholic missionaries between 1611 and 1827 in what now is the Diosese of Antigonish.
The Irish in Cape Breton
A.A. MacKenzie
Formac Publishing Company Limited, Antigonish, NS
ISBN: 0-88780-042-2
From the Introduction by P.M.Toner:" [The author] has provided a sympathetic historical judgement of a people in transition, immigrants amongst a more powerful majority both of whom are straining to find stability in their lives." Contains many vignettes of Cape Breton Irish settlers. 129 pages. End notes, bibliography, and Index.
The Irish in Cape Breton
A.A. MacKenzie
Breton Books, Wreck Cove
ISBN: 1-895415-50-0
A new edition with an essay on Irish Music in Cape Breton by Paul M. MacDonald, 160 pages, Index. $14.95
Highland Settler: A Portrait of the Scottish Gael in Cape Breton and Eastern Nova Scotia
Charles W. Dunn
Breton Books, Wreck Cove
ISBN: 1-895415-06-3
192 pages, 12.95

Essays and Articles

The Loyalists of Cape Breton
Robert J. Morgan
In "Cape Breton Historical Essays", edited by Don Macgillivray and Brian Tennyson
College of Cape Breton Press, Sydney, NS, 2d edition 1981
ISBN: 0-92-336-04-3
An essay on the bringing of the loyalists to Cape Breton, their settlement on the island, and their social and political influence. A list of known Cape Breton loyalists with their origins, place of settlement, and additional information is included.

Genealogies and Biographies

Author: Lark B. Szick

The Sparling and Musgrave families were living in New York in 1783 at the time of the American Revolution.
With the anticipated evacuation of New York Peter William Sparling (1732-1821) and his sons-in-law Bartholomew Musgrave and Joseph Ristine who were loyal to the British crown, as were many others, added their names to the Evacuation list. Hoping to find a more peaceful life for themselves and their descendants in Nova Scotia.
Upon arriving in Port Roseway, some were so discouraged with what they saw that they soon after continued on their way, to find a better place to make a home for themselves and their families. The families that did stay knew that they must achieve or perish. The Sparlings, Musgraves, Ristine realized that to succeed in Nova Scotia, they would have to relocate.
By 1785 we find the Sparlings and Musgraves living in North Sydney and surrounding areas, along with other loyalist settlers.


84 pages, cerlox binding with card stock covers, first printing , Spring 1999
For more information, please contact Lark Szick at


The name MacKeigan has been spelled many ways, Mac and Mc are both used. Some examples are MacEagan, McKeagan, MacKiggan, McIgan, McKeggan, MacEgan, McKichen, and there are many more. Starting in the late 1700's and the early 1800's the MacKeigans are found to be on the move. Many of them left North Uist by choice, looking for a better life. Some early MacKeigans in Cape Breton are known to have come before 1820. Later, during the Highland Clearances, others had to leave. Some left willingly and others by force. In every case, it was a tremendous undertaking and the partings were filled with deep emotions on the part of those who left and those who stayed. As far as we know the MacKeigan surname (MacKiggan) is no longer found on North Uist. Those of us who are descendants of the those early pioneers to Cape Breton have been the recipients of a wondrous legacy forged by the blood, sweat, tears, sorrows and joys of our ancestors. We are who we are, in part, because of their efforts to create better lives for their children and the generations to come.
For more information, please contact Lark Szick at

The book is 193 pages in total, contains 155 pages of genealogical material on the LeJeune & Youngs and their descendents that returned to Cape Breton and Newfoundland after the deportation, many pictures, some birth or marriage licenses, tree charts and great read.

For more information, please contact Lark Szick at
Author: Lark B. Szick

After much research and with the help of many Ross descendants the book "ROSS FAMILIES OF MARGAREE"documents these early settlers to the fullest.
It was prepared for the ROSS REUNION in Margaree
For more information, please contact Lark Szick at

WEILHAUSEN DESCENDENTS 1785-2003 Author: Lark B. Szick

Frederick Weilhausen an officer of high rank was given a free grant of land at Georges River, and N. W. Arm.
Frederick fought in Louisbourg, and served for 8 years in Gen Von Lossbag's Reg't., Hessian Army, and an
English Imperial Army during the American Revolution.
After moving his family from the N.W. Arm area, he operated a store and a saloon in the Lower section of Englishtown.
He settled on 400 acres of crown land and brought up his 12 children.
The name no longer exists today in Cape Breton by many descendents are scattered throughout the area of St. Anns Bay.
For more information, please contact Lark Szick at

Some Lights & Shades of Family History

Some Lights & Shades of Family History by Angus D. MacDonald, Port Hawkesbury - September 30, 1893

"A full measure of credit is certainly due my g. grandfather, Angus D. MacDonald (18551907), for his excellent research into the MacDonald family history during the summer of 1893. However, it was Angus' mother, Christy Ann MacPherson MacDonald's (18301893) relentless dedication toward perserving those family records which enable her son to so ably perform the creation of this work – Lights & Shades of a Family History. Among modern day MacDonald genealogists it had long been known that a booklet about the MacDonald family history of Scotland and Cape Breton had been published by Angus MacDonald in the late 1800's...but the quandry was whether any copy of the work still existed. To determine if such a copy had survived until the present day, the “team of three” consisting of Grant MacDonald of San Francisco, CA, Mildred Doucette MacDonald of Judique, C.B.I. and Hugh MacDonald of Moncton, N.B. took it upon themselves to find the long sought after booklet...if one still existed.  After many months of searching, the team was notified by John James & Anna MacDonald of Dearborn Heights, MI that the missing booklet was alive and well at their home. Arrangements were quickly made to have the booklet reprinted. Promptly, copies of the work were widely distributed amongst MacDonald genealogists and community libraries throughout Nova Scotia. We are now placing the work upon the Internet so all genealogists will have quick and free access to a primary work of MacDonald family history. "

James Laurier McDonald
San Juan de Alicante, Spain , September 4, 2009

Lion of Scotland
Neil Robinson
Hodder and Stoughton, Auckland, New Zealand; in Canada for C.&G. MacLeod Ltd., Sydney, NS, 1952, 1974
ISBN: 0-340-19509-6
The romantic story of the migration led by Norman McLeod from Scotland to Nova Scotia and then to New Zealand. Comprises, in addition to the historical account, sketches of the immigrants' lives in New Zealand. The Appendices contain a list of vessels from Nova Scotia, names of heads of families, the number in each family, and the places from which they hailed; and a list of marriages of the migrants, both before and after arrival in New Zealand.
Watchman Against the World: The Remarkable Journey of Norman McLeod & his People from Scotland to Cape Breton to New Zealand
Flora McPherson
Breton Books, Wreck Cove, NS
ISBN: 1-895415-20-9
"More than the story of one man, Watchman is the story of the desperation, vigour, devotion and achievement of the Scottish exiles". A detailed picture of the Reverend Norman McLeod and his relationship with his followers. 192 pages, 25 photos, 4 maps. $12.95
A Pioneer's Legacy - The BREWER Family Tree, Vol II
Tom Brewer
Privately published, 1997
This book contains information on the Brewer Family of Ingonish, NS, and has links to many other families in the area. (1790-1997) 50 pages of written family history , 80 pages of an Indented Decendant Chart and a 25 page index for the Decendant Chart. 155 pages, cerlox binding with card stock covers, repr., 1997 $20.00 + $3.50 shipping and handling charges . Purchasers outside Canada are requested to remit in US funds. This book is available by contacting the author at
Submitted by Lark B. Szick
John Campbell (1798-1883) of Troy, Cape Breton: Teacher, Farmer, Colporteur, Elder
John Archibald Campbell Wilson
Privately Produced, 1988, Rev. John A.C. Wilson, PO Box 381, Alberton, PEI C0B 1B0
"The story and genealogy of John Campbell who came from the Isle of Muck, Scotland around the year 1821; who eventually settled at Troy on the Strait of Canso, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia; who married Flora MacLean, doughter of John MacLean; and of his family and his descendents." Includes an index, references and maps. Typewritten 8 1/2" x 11". 68 pages. This book is available by contacting the author at
The Campbells of Red Islands and Their Kin
James Albert Campbell
Privately Published, Rev. Louis J. Campbell, OSA, Austin Friary, PO Box 344, King City, Ontario L0G 1K0; Fifth (updated) edition; January 1992
Presents the origin of Hector and Duncan Campbell of Red Islands and traces their descendants. The MacKenzies and MacDonalds of Red Islands are also presented in some depth. Other related families whose descendants are traced are the MacNeils of Red Islands, Farquhar Johnston, the Sampsons of L'Ardoise, and Jonathan and Neil MacMullen. Map, photographs, bibliography. 8 1/2 x 11. 179 pages.
Devoe-deVaux Family History 1691-1991
Privately Published,Col. John Brooks Devoe, 117 High Street, Stratham NH 03885 USA or
The "Devoe-deVaux Family History 1691-1991" was published in 1999. The 175p history printed on 30# acid free paper includes a number of photographs and many maps, and deals primarily (but not exclusively) with the Acadian family of Charlemagne DeVaux (Pierre, Michel) who came to Isle Madame around 1768 and moved to the Little Bras d'Or area of Cape Breton in 1847. The volume includes a great deal of general Acadian history as well as the origin of the family in Acadia (1691-), the early history of that family (including the origin and meaning of the name). There are 25 copies left of a 200 copy printing run. Cost including postage, $30.00 U.S. funds; U.S. or International Money Order.
Cape Breton and the Jackson Kith and Kin
Elva E. Jackson
Lancelot Press, Windsor, Nova Scotia. 1971
Part I of this book traces the settlement and family origins of over 100 early Cape Breton families who came to Upper North Sydney, Leitche's and Ball's Creeks, Little Bras d'Or, Ingonish, Cape North, and Port Hood. Part II contains the names of about 2500 descendents of William Jackson to the ninth generation. Bibliography and index. 264 pages.
Family History of Donald McGillivray and His Descendents
Major Francis Xavier McGillivray
Privately Published, Francis Xavier McGillivray, Major, Canadian Forces Base Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada K1A 0K5; July 1985
Traces Private Donald McGillivray and his descendents from his enlistment in the Royal Highland Regiment through the Revoutionary War to Low Point, Gabarus, Lingan, Glace Bay, and beyond. Some related families are Petries, Ratchfords, and Livingstones of Low Point, Boutiliers of Lingan and Coxheath, Curries of East Bay, and Bagnalls of Gabarus.
Angus McKinnon, Pioneer Settler of Northside East Bay
Catherine Anne Godwin
Limited Edition, Catherine Anne Godwin, 373 King's Road, Dominion, NS B0A 1E0
The descendents of Angus McKinnon and Ann McMullen, both born in Prince Edward Island, pioneers in East Bay, Cape Breton. Includes many family photos. 8 1/2" x 11". 56 pages.
The MacIntyres of Big Pond Center, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Privately Published, M.A. MacPherson, PO Box 833, Port Hawkesbury, NS B0E 2V0; July 1989
The descendents of John MacIntyre and Sarah MacNeil, who emigrated from the island of Barra to Pictou in 1802, and subsequently to Cape Breton in 1803, first to Inverness County and finally in 1829 to Big Pond Center in Cape Breton County.
Genealogy of the Poirier Family in Cheticamp
Jean Doris LeBlanc
Privately published.
This book traces the descendents of the first Poiriers in Cheticamp, Adrien(Andre) Poirier and his wife Marie-Blandine Benoit, to the present day.It contains much historical background, including early census records and a list of the victims of the scarlet fever epidemic of 1876-77. 309 pages. Indexed.
The Smiths of Cape Breton: History of Port Hood and Hood Island With the Genealogy of the Smith Family 1610-1967
Perley W. Smith
Privately published. 1967
While this book does provide some landmarks in the history of Port Hood, 238 pages are devoted to the lineage of the Smith family, beginning with Ralph Smith who sailed on the Elizabeth Bonaventure from Norfolk and arrived in Boston Harbour in 1633. These pages trace the Cape Breton Smith family to 1967 and include the names Watts, Hart, Frizzel, Gillis, Ross, Coady, and many more. 275 pages. Indexed and illustrated.
The Hugh Wilsons of Kennington Cove 1844-1982
John A.C. Wilson, PO Box 381, Alberton, PEI C0B 1B0
Privately published.
This book contains material on the story and genealogy of Hugh Wilson and Isabel Patterson who came from South Uist to Kennington Cove. It is available by contacting the author at
Submitted by John A.C. Wilson
Early Settlers of Ingonish (1800-1997)

Lark B. Szick
Privately published.
Book contains the 1838 and 1871 head of household census is Alphabetical order. The land grantee’s name , grant number , place to locate the land grant , book and number. Early Land Grant Maps and the genealogies of many families who decided to make Ingonish their home. In this book you will find the descendents of the people who lived in the area and the families they married into. Family names include: BREWER, CANN, CURTIS, DAISLEY, DAUPHINEE, DONOVAN, DOYLE, GILLIS, HARDY, HAWLEY, HINES, KERR, McGEAN, MacNEIL, NOLAN, ROBERTS, ROPER, WILLIAMS, and YOUNG. 143 pages, cerlox binding with card stock covers, repr., 1997. This book is available by contacting the author at
Submitted by Lark B. Szick
Settlers of Northern Cape Breton (1800-1997)
Lark B. Szick
Privately published.
This book should not be regarded as a record of history, however it is dedicated to the memory of those brave men and women who came before us. This book contains the 1871 census in Alphabetical order for heads of households in Bay St Lawrence and Cape North area. Some early land grant maps for the same area are included. Genealogies of the early families who settled in the areas between Neil’s Harbour and Pleasant Bay. Family names include: BRIAN, BUCHANAN, BURTON, CAPSTICK, DAISLEY, DIXON, DUGGAN, DUNPHY, FITZGERALD, GWINN, HELLEN, KERR, MALONEY, MacLEAN family of Bay St. Lawrence, MacLEAN family of Pleasant Bay, MacDONALD, McEVOY, MacINTOSH, MacPHERSON, PETRIE and YOUNG. 90 pages, cerlox binding with card stock covers, repr., 1997. This book is available by contacting the author at
Submitted by Lark B. Szick
Cape Breton Captain: Reminiscences from 50 Years Afloat & Ashore
Captain David A. McLeod
Breton Books, Wreck Cove, NS
ISBN: 1-895415-10-1
154 pages, 9.95.
Silent Observer
Christy MacKinnon
Breton Books, Wreck Cove, NS
ISBN: 1-895415-26-8
Written and illustrated autobiographical story of a deaf artist's childhood. 42 pages, Index. 19.95
The Cape Breton Giant by James D. Gillis and "Memoirs of Gillis" by Thomas Raddall.
Breton Books, Wreck Cove, NS
ISBN: 1-895415-04-7
74 pages, 6.95
Archie Neil: From the Life & Stories of Archie Neil Chisholm of Margaree Forks, C.B
Mary Anne Ducharme
Breton Books, Wreck Cove, NS
ISBN: 1-895415-12-8
Oral history and biography. 248 pages. $14.95

Heritage and Culture

No Place Like Home and Pride of Place
Mary K. MacLeod and James St. Clair
University College of Cape Breton Press
Two studies of the history of Cape Breton Heritage Houses, the lives of the people who lived in them, and the variety of architectural styles utilised. Illustrated.
The Highland Heart in Nova Scotia
Neil MacNeil
Breton Books
ISBN: 1-895415-17-9
208 pages, 14.95
Cape Breton Lives
Ron Kaplan, Editor
Breakwater Books Ltd. 1988
ISBN: 0-920911-49-8
This volume from the Atlantic Folklore/Folklife Series contains interviews from the first fifty issues of Cape Breton's Magazine, including biography, folklore, and oral history. 121 photographs.
Cape Breton Works
Ron Kaplan, Editor
Breton Books
ISBN: 1-895415-24-1
This book is a sequel to Cape Breton Lives. Illustrated. 154 photos, 296 pages, 19.95.
Cape Breton's Magazine
Edited and published by Ronald Kaplan
Breton Books & Music, Wreck Cove, NS
A quarterly magazine featuring Cape Breton history, oral history, folklore, culture, and photographs, Cape Breton's Magazine is entering its second quarter century in publication.

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