Amounts Paid by George Rodgers for Contingent Disbursements [1786]

Transcribed by Janice Fralic-Brown

Transcriber’s Note: This is the amount listed in Amount of Money paid by Lieutenant Governor Des Barres for His Majesty’s Service in the Settlement of …Cape Breton and its Dependencies between the 11th July 1786 and the 24th December following (CO 217, Vol. 104, pp. 434-436) as Note 5, "Paid to George Rodgers for sundry Contingent Disbursements". It is a breakdown of that amount.

Halifax Currency

To Paid William Brown for his Expenses on a Voyage from Sydney to Halifax in June 1785 and engaging Artificers and Labourers to come from Halifax to work on the Island of Cape Breton.

4. 5. ~

Paid do. for Alexander Renfrew for labour in the Public Works in July August and September 1786.

4. 1. ~

Paid do. for Jacob Miller for going with Dispatches on His Majesty’s Service to Louisbourg on the 12 Oct. 1786.

3. ~. ~

Paid do. for Boat hire to carry over the Loyalists Artificers & Labourers from St. Peters Bay to Arichat Harbour for Provisions in March 1786.

7. 15. ~

Paid do. for hire of a Shalloop from Arichat Harbour to Miray Bay to carry Provisions for the Relief of the Settlers . 16 days at 10s. per day.

8. ~. ~

Paid do. for hire of a Shalloop to Louisbourg to carry Provisions etc. 7 days at 10s.

3. 10. ~

Paid do. for ferrying Persons across Miray Bay. -------------L. 1. 15. ~

And Provisions for do. in Main a Dieu & in Miray River --- 4. ~. ~

5. 15. ~

Paid do. for hire of a Boat. 34 days at 1/6 s.

2. 11. 6

Paid do. for hire of a Sail Boat. 13 days 2/6

1. 12. ~

Paid do. for hire of a Shalloop employed in carrying Provisions from Main a Dieu to Sydney etc. 50 days at 10s.

25. ~. ~

Paid do. for hire of a Shalloop attending a surveying Party in Miray River.

4. ~. ~

Paid do. for laying a Garret floor at the Barracks.

3. 15. ~

Paid Terence McCorristine Overseer, Charles Kitson, William Deane, Davunjsa[?], John Hambleman, Cato Cox, Richard Price, John Sheffield, Black Ned, Richard Millar, John Winter & James Cook/Cock? employed in cutting the Road towards St. Peters Bay & Louisbourg in the months of February & March 1786 (omitted to be inserted in preceeding Accounts)

19. 13. ~

Paid William Brown Master Carpenter for paid by him to John Willison, William Thompson, Thomas Skelton, Benjamin Swain, John Moorhead, George Sutherland, Archd Gray, Carpenters and to John Sunderland, Thomas Davies, John Gardiner, Dennis Lawlor, Daniel McGillivray, Thomas Skelton Junior, Labourers and others employed from the 11th July to the 9th September 1786 in finishing to Clapboard the Barracks, having and preparing frames for Buildings requisite and necessary for the acommodation of the two additional Companies of the 42nd Regiment from Annapolis Royal.

And in erecting Buildings for holding the Courts of Judicature for keeping Public School performing Divine Service, Parsonage House, etc.

81. 8. ~

To sundry Expences laid out in carrying on the Buildings to hold the Courts of Judicature at Sydney for Public Schools, for Divine Worship and for a Parsonage, Viz.

Paid John Shannahan for Window Frames and Sashes

16. 10. ~

Paid John Willison, Thomas Skelton, Benjamin Swain, Robert Anderson and others for Cornices, Surbase, Wash Boards, etc.

21. 14. ~

Sundry materials, Viz.

Canvass ------------------------------------L 4. 10. ~

Tarr ----------------------------------------- 1. ~. ~

Boards & Planks -------------------------- 33. 10. ~

Shingles ------------------------------------ 15. ~. ~

Laths --------------------------------------- 5. 15. ~

Nails --------------------------------------- 15. 5. ~

75. ~. ~

Paid Robert Young upon Account for a Frame and Carpenters work for the Parsonage House

36. 6. 8


L323. 16. 2

Transcriber’s note: Spelling and grammar is as close as possible to the original.

Source: Colonial Correspondence, Cape Breton; CO 217, Vol. 104, pp. 442-443

Contributed by Janice Fralic-Brown
Page written 4 April 1999
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