Account of monies paid to Persons for Public Works, Island of Cape Breton, 1786

Transcribed by Janice Fralic-Brown

Duke Street Strand
Sepr 5th 1786Sir,Agreeable to your order I have made out an Account of Provisions delivered to sundry Inhabitants, Workmen and others (not of the Loyalists out of the Public Works). I have done it as well as my recollection serves, but I do not give it as Correct, it is I think much too short of the Amount delivered and which has and was intended to be stopt from Individuals. I shall make it my Business to investigate these Matters on my arrival at Cape Breton if I am honored with Your Orders for so doing, all the Staff that went over with me has Provisions to a Considerable Amount, the Governor’s Family was large, of course a considerable expenditure has been made in his House, I can fix that expenditure to a pound weight ---Mr. Gibbons, Mr. Taite, Mr. Uncle the Collector, Mr. Comptroller Brown and several other persons have also drawn largely. My Family have also received a great deal of Provisions which if it should exceed the quantity I am allowed as Commissary, and which was always issued, I am ready to Account for the surplus----I shall do myself the Honor of waiting on you in the morning and receive your orders in respect to any further lights you wish to be given on this or any other subject I am versant in—in the mean Time allow me to subscribe myself with the highest respect.

Sir, Your faithful and most obliged Servt. Henry W. Perry

I have made out the enclosed Accounts in a very rough manner which I will copy fair if Mr. Nepean pleases.


Government D

nTo George Rodgers, Superintendent
of the Public Works at Sydney
in the Island of Cape Breton1786



Amount (in pounds, shillings and pence)

January 27th

To Cash paid John Loyd for Caulking Boat

~ 15. ~

February 7th

Do. for going Express? to Louisbourg

1 10. ~


Do. to Hugh Watts for Blocks & Cordage for Hauling Timber out of the Woods.

1. 7. ~

March 21st

Cash paid Thomas Skelton for Blocks , etc. for the Small Craft

2. 10. ~

April 6th

Do. for Sundry Necessaries for the use of the Small Craft employed in carrying materials for Building.

1. 1. 4

April 11th

Do. paid Christopher Winter? For Guiding the Loyalists and others to Arichat when in distress and famishing for want of Provisions.

3. ~. ~


Do. Paid the Indian Toma? as a Guide to the above party thro the Portage to the Great Bras d’Or

~. 10. ~

April 24th

Cash paid Terence McCorristine for two and one half Barrels of Salt Fish Supplied the Loyalists Artificers and others at St. Peters then on their journey from Sydney to Arichat for Provisions

3. 15. ~

April 25th

Paid Robert Richardson for Eighteen Quintals of Salt Fish for the Use of the Loyalists ---- at 15 s. per Quintal.

13. 10. ~

May 2nd

Do. paid John Storey for hire of a Horse and Truck for bringing materials for building, etc.

9. ~. ~


Do. paid John Storey for a Large Saint Georges Ensign

8. ~. ~

May 15th

Do. Richard Birmingham, John Loyd and John Grandy Ship Carpenters for Caulking and Repairing the Coal Boats, Scow Batteaux, etc.

15. 6. 8

May 19th

Do. paid Henry White for 4 Kegs White Paint two Jars? of Lint seed Oil & one Jar of Lamp Black for Painting the Barracks

5. 14. 6


Cash paid Thomas Moxly and Robert Richardson for their expenses going to Louisbourg and during their stay there when His Majesty’s Brig Richard? now called the Relief was secure? in the Harbor and for their Assistance in helping to secure? and bring her to this Port they being sent by Order of His Majesty’s Council.

12. 9. 6

May 21st

Paid Patterson and Wood for Iron Work done as per particular Account exhibited to the examiner of the Public Accounts from the 6th of August 1785 to the 24th of March 1786 furnished for the Public Works including the Cost of the Iron.

59. 4. 10


Paid John Smith for Stationary for the use of the Office from the 24th Sept. till the 24th March 1786.

5. 4. 3.

Sydney Island of Cape Breton the 21st. May 1786. ---- Received from His Excellency Lieutenant Governor Des Barres the Sum of One hundred and forty two pounds Eighteen Shillings Halifax Currency being the Amount of the forgoing Account disbursed by me on Government Account for which I have signed Triplicate Receipts of the same time and date.

Geo. Rodgers

Exr Henry W. Perry
Exr pub. Accnt
L 142. 18. 1 Source: Colonial Correspondence, Cape Breton: CO 217, Vol. 104, pp. 430 - 433

Contributed by Janice Fralic-Brown
Page written 4 April 1999
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