Return of the Refugee Loyalists Victualled by Government
now Residing at Louisbourg and Gabbarus Bay

Transcribed by Janice Fralic-Brown


No. of Men

No. of Women

Male children above 10 years

Male children under 10 years

Female Children above 10 years

Female children under 10 years

Total no. of souls

Total no. of Rations

Captain Jones & Family

2 1 3   1 1 8 7 ½
Jonathan Tremain 1 1 1 2   2 7 5
Richard Stout 1           1 1
John Stout and Son 2           2 2
Robert Grant & family 1 3         4 4
Peter Grant 1           1 1
Jacob Boskirk 1           1 1
Rich. Lorraway 1           1 1
Lieutt Ferries & family 1 1 2 2     6 5
John Leaver 1   3 3 2   9 7 ½
  12 6 9 7 3 3 40 35


I hereby Certify that that the above is a true Return, Sydney 3rd November 1785

(signed) Jonn Jones


Transcriber’s Note: [here follow two letters dealing with provisions for the above families]


[To Colonel Yorke, Command at Sydney] Sydney, 3rd November, 1785


The within is a Return of the Refugees Loyalist that are residing at Louisbourg and Gabbarus Bay, who are entitled to be victualled by Government, as the advanced season of the year will not admit these people to call at Sydney for their provisions. They leave to recommend that you may please to order Six Months Provisions to be delivered to Captain Jones who has promised to distribute the same. I am with due regard


Your most obedt and Most humble servant

(signed) A. Cuyler


[To Mr. Storey, Asst Commissary] Camp at Sydney Nov. the 4th, 1785


You be pleased issue /3rd Rations for Six Months to the Within Number of Loyalist, to be delivered to Capt. Jones on his order --------


Signed J. Yorke



Source: Colonial Correspondence, Cape Breton: CO 217, V. 104, p. 223.

Contributed by Janice Fralic-Brown
Page written 22 March 1999
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