To Tremain & Stout.... For Sundry Expenses incurred and paid for by order of His Excellency Lieutenant Governor Macarmick for Guns, Carriages and placing them on their Stations and for other Preparatory measures....[1793]

Transcribed by Janice Fralic-Brown


1793 To 1 Wood Stock Lock         2 9
  To 1 Iron Do 5/ 1 pair Hinges 3/6         8 6
  To Nails & Screws 1/ 2 Pad Locks 4/         5  
  To Staples & Nails           7
  To Liquor for the People Storing arms, etc.         2  
  To 8 d Nails for the Magazine Yard         5 4
  To a drag rope for a cannon         9  
  To Halliards for the Signal Flag Staff at the Mines         4  
  To Lead for an Apron for a Cannon         2 3 ½
  To Cash paid William Bown Junr for making and Repairing sundry Gun Carriages as per Acct. No.1 71 19 8      
  To Cash paid Francis Murphy for the purchase of three Guns 3 Pounders as per Account No. 2 13          
  To Cash paid Messrs. Foreman & Grassie for sundries purchased of their Agent David Taitt Esquire as per Account No. 3 29 4 10      
  To Cash paid Lawrence Kavanagh for materials furnished by him and expenses paid in erecting a Guard House and flag staff at Mount Grenville as per Account No. 4 18 3 3      
  To Cash paid Lawrence Kavanagh for sundry expenses paid by him incurred in placing Guns at Mount Grenville as per Acct. No. 5 2 4 4 ½      
  To Cash paid John Gardner for freight of sundry ordnance stores from Halifax as per Receipt No. 6 6          
  To Cash paid Philip Ingouville for sundries supplied as per Acct. No. 7 4 7        
  To Cash paid Lawrence Kavanagh for the purchase of four Guns as per Acct. No. 8 20          
  To Cash paid Willm Bown Junr for work & materials in Roofing the Guard House at the Mines as per Account No. 9 15 9 6      
  To Cash paid Thos Buchanan for carrying Arms & Ammunition from the Wharfe to the Store houses as per Acct. No. 10 2 14 6      
  To Cash paid John Shannahan for Carpenter's work at the Battery by order of Captn. Cox as per Account No. 11 3 13        
  To Cash paid Labourers Attending do   17 3      
  To Cash paid Labourers Assisting in hauling up and placing a Cannon at Sydney   7 6      
  To Cash paid Thomas Skilton for making a Rammer, Spring, etc. for a Cannon as per Account No. 12 1 17 9      
  To Cash paid Joseph Rudderham for a large flatt Bottom Boat as per Receipt No. 13 6          
  To Cash paid John Payne, Land Surveyor for expences incurred and paid for by him for Cutting a Road as per Account No. 14 22 7 11      
  To Cash paid Lemuel Newell for Drilling a Cannon etc. as per Account No. 15 1 14 3      
  To Cash paid Labourers for making Facines for the Batteries at the Bar etc. 16 2 3      
  To Cash paid Geo. Petrie for Lumber for the Guard House at the Barr as per Acct. No. 16 3 11 9      
    241 16 9 ½      
  Commissions 5 per cent 12 1 10      
          253 18 7 ½
  Halifax Currency       255 18 1
  Sterling       230 6 3


N.B. M. Murphy not having yet produced one of the guns purchased of him the amount which is five pounds is ordered to be stopt in M. Stout's hands. Personally appeared before me Archibald Charles Dodd Esquire, one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the Island of Cape Breton John Lewis Stout, Clerk to the House of Tremain & Stout, and maketh oath that the within Account amounting to Two Hundred and Fifty five Pounds eighteen shillings and one penny Halifax Currency is just and true. Sworn before me this 21st July 1794 John L. Stout A.C. Dodd, J.P.

Source: Colonial Correspondence of Cape Breton; CO Vol. 110, pp. 141-143


Contributed by Janice Fralic-Brown
Page written October 12, 2003


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