Address to Lieutenant-Governor DesBarres from the Acadians at Isle Madame, 18 March, 1786

Transcribed by Janice Fralic-Brown


To His Excellency Joseph Frederick Wallet DesBarres Esqr Lieut.-Governor & Commander in Chief of His Majesty’s Island of Cape Breton and Territories thereon depending etc., etc., etc.

We His Majesty’s faithfull Acadian subjects, Inhabiting the Isle of Madame, depending on the Government of Cape Breton humbly beg leave to address Your Excellency & in this publick manner express the satisfaction we feel at your appointment to the Government of this Infant Colony. We view with pleasure the happy prospect we have of enjoying the invaluable priviledges of British subjects under your Excellency’s administration.

We have chosen this spot to form a settlement, and we wish here to taste that Tranquility which a long series of Miseries & Misfortunes has taught us how to value.

We hope that from your Excellency’s representation of our sufferings & fidelity. The Mother Country will afford us such a share of protection & encouragement to our industry as may enable us to become useful to the state, and a happy flourishing People. We trust our conduct during the past dissentions in America will entitle us to some attention on a future occasion & sufficiently prove our Allegiance & Loyalty to our most Gracious Sovereign & our attachment to the Brittish Government.

Sensible of the numberless Disadvantages Your Excellency has to struggle with in your arduous endeavours to promote the prosperity & settlement of this promising Country : But by a full exertion of the abilities you so eminently possess. We hope every difficulty will be surmounted and the wise & beneficent Views of the Parent State for the advancement of her enterprise & commerce in this quarter carried into execution with the fullest effect.

We beg leave to thank Your Excellency for the assurance contained in your public letter to us of the Lands we possess being Granted as soon as the proper arrangements can be made, and your intention of honouring this settlement with a visit in the course of next summer. We likewise beg leave to acknowledge Your Excellency’s attention to our spiritual concerns in Granting us permission to erect a house for the publick exercise of our holy religion and a school for the Instruction of our Youth.

The Fishery being our sole occupation, and having no other way of getting a subsistence, We humbly request your Excellency will please to direct that our shalloups & other craft employed carrying it on, may be free from taxes and imposts.

We have the honour to be & [illegible]

Signed by seventy heads of families Viz.

R. Terreaux, S. Forrest, C. Bausejour, C. Budro [?] Madoise, M. Corryere, A. Belfontine, R. LaBlanc, I. Forgeron, C. Forgeron, I. Forgeron, I. Forrest, A. Landri, S. Forrest, Junr, C. Corryere, Isa[ac?] Torrieaux, S. Terrieaux, A. Muniel?, N. Terrieaux, M. Forrest, C. Martell, C. B. Miciss, F. Martin, S. Brussare, A. Sandri, I Budro, I Dugan, E. Marchand, S. Marchand, L. Budro, C. Corryere, Senr, T. LaBlanc, Jean A. Landri, Josh A. Landri, H. Forrest, T. Forrest, J. C. Hibert, A. LaBlanc, C. Corryere, G. LaVache, J. Devoe, C. Burk, J. Burk, J. LaBay Landrie, B. Girraware, J. Fougere, M. Budaine, J. Anri, G. Charpa[?], S. Bennois, C. LaBlanc, j. Sanson, J. Dug[an?], T. Prevost, J. Fougere, C. Girraware, J. LaBay Landrie, Junr, A. S. Avandier, M. Budro, V?. LaBlanc, M. LaBlanc, J. DeRoche, A. DeRoche, M. Sanson, B. Martell, S. Fougere, J. Richare, J. Fougere, C. Baban[?], C. Fougere, C. DeVoe

Arichat, 18th March 1786

Transcriber’s note: All spelling is as close to the original as I could decipher.

Source: Colonial Correspondence, Cape Breton: CO 217, V. 104, pp. 205-207

Contributed by Janice Fralic-Brown
Page written 22 March 1999


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