List of Grants Passed in the Island Of Cape Breton by Lieut. Govr Macarmick : 19th March 1793

Transcribed by Janice Fralic-Brown


List of Persons to whom Grants have been made during the administration of Lieutenant Governor Macarmick,


To Whom Granted Description Situations
P.R. Nugent   Town & Farm Lot
Francis Murphy Loyalist Farm Lot
Alexr Landrie   Do
J. Janvrin & Co.   Town & Farm Lots
Alexr & Jno Deroche   Farm Lot
Simeon Forrest   Do
Christopher Markes Loyalist Do
J. Tremain & Co.   Do
Reni Terrio   Do
Francis Horquhard   Do
Thomas Hackett   Do
Wm Phelan   Do
B. Lovell & 3 others   Do
A. Lawer & Sir J. Barclay   Do
Abm Cuyler Loyalist Do
Thomas Uncle   Do
John Malony   Do
Philip Ingouville   Town & Farm Lot
Eben Brewer   DFarm Lot
Robert Grant Loyalist Do
Gregory Grant Disbanded Soldier Do
Joseph Ferris   Do
Archd Chs Dodd   Farm Lot
Jacob Lemyn   Do
Foster Sherlock   Do
James Remon & Co.   Do
J.E. Boisseau   Do
David Mathews   Town & Farm Lot
Francis Owens Loyalist Farm Lot
B. & E. Powers Do Do
James Landry   Do
George Sutherland   Do
Henry Adams   Do
Tremain & Stout Loyalists Town Lots
Thomas Pitts   Do
George Moore Reduced Officer Do
Revd Ranna Cossit Loyalist Farm Lot
Alexr Ross Disbanded Soldier Do
John Muggah   Do
Peter Anderson   Do
George Hall   Do
Ann Peters & 5 children Colonel's widow Do
Andrew Peters Loyalist Do
Samuel Peters Do Do
Lewis LeRoy   Farm Lot
Samuel Bunton   Do
R. LeBlanc & 6 others   Do
M. LeBlanc & 6 others   Town & Farm Lot
John Fougeron   Do
Paul Bausejour   Do
John Forrest   Do
Honble Thos Townshend   Do
Molyneaux Nepean   Do
Philip Ely   Do
Peter Grant   Do
John Cloghan   Do
Philip Robin & 3 others   Do
John Luce & Co.   Do
Wm Cox   Do
John Brookes   Do
Alexr Fraser   Do
Peter Bois & 14 others   Do
John Atley   Farm lot
George Finn   Do
Martin Bowers   Do
Wm Smith   Town Lot
Edward McDonald   Farm Lot
Alexr Haire, Junr   Town Lot
Robert Graham   Do
Jon Jones   Farm lot
Law & Edd Kavanagh   Do
Honble Thos Crawley   Do
A. LeBlanc & J. Janvrin   Do
T. Janvrin & Co.   Do
Philip Benest   Do
David Rielly   Do
Jeremiah Allen   Do
Benjn Worth   Do
Charles Martell   Do
Wm Thompson   Do
George Gaudin   >Do
Mathew Hawley   Do
John Clark   Do
Thomas Buchanan   >Do
Wm Gray   Do
James Dean   Do
Saml Smith   Town lot
Francis Cormie   Farm lot
William Cormie   Do
George White   Do
Saml Wickham   Do
John Henry   Do
John Leaver   Do
James Townshend   Do
Henry White   Do
George Hall   Do
Joseph Rodderham   Farm lot
Maria Russell   Do
Mary McLaughlin   Do
Philip Robin & Co.   Do
Jacob Byers   Do
Wm Plant Loyalist Do
Lewis Smith & brothers   Do
Edwd Hayes   Do
A true copy taken from the Records in my Office

			W. McKinnon

			Secretary & Register

			19th March 1793


Source: Colonial Correspondence, Cape Breton, CO 217, V.109, pp.45-46b

Contributed by Janice Fralic-Brown
Page written January 18, 2001


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