List of Grants Passed in the Island of Cape Breton by Lt. Gov. DesBarres, 19th March 1793

Transcribed by Janice Fralic-Brown


List of Persons to whom Grants were made during the administration of Lieutenant Governor DesBarres,


To Whom Granted Description Situation
H.W. Perry Loyalist Town & Farm Lot
John Storey Do Do
Thos Jenner Do Do
Willm Blackburn Do Town Lot
John Smith Do Town & Farm Lot
Willm Plant Do Do
Willm Brown Do Do
David Tait Do Do
John O'Brian Do Town Lot
Martin Meagher   Do
George Hall   Do
Thomas Moncrieff   Do
John Cammeron Reduced Officer Town & Farm Lot
Richard Birmingham   Town Lot
William Leonard   Do
Nicholas Dean Loyalist Do
Jesse Richards Do Do
Edward Hickie Disbanded Soldier Do
Andrew Mowat   Do
Smith Woodrooff Loyalist Do
William Davidson   Do
John Williams   Do
Frederick Aubery   Do
Henry Roberts Loyalist Do
Robert Graham   Do
John Shannahan Loyalist Do
Archibald Forrest   Do
Henry Archer   Do
Foster Sherlock   Town Lot
Thomas Ashfield   Town & Farm Lot
Abm Cuyler   Do
Thomas Uncle Loyalist Town Lot
Wm Day Do Do
George Finn   Do
David Hall   Do
Robt Richardson   Do
John Drummond   Do
Wm Drummond   Do
Patrick Gaul   Do
John Aymar Loyalist Do
Benjn Lovell   Farm Lot
Samuel Smith   Town Lot
Wm Smith   Do
Thomas Skelton   Do
Terrence McCorristine Loyalist Farm Lot
Alexander Haire Do Do
Samuel Sparrow   Do
Richard Gibbons   Town & Farm Lot
Donald McGilvray Disbanded Soldier Town Lot
Willm Smith, M.D.   Town & Farm Lot
Joseph Restine   Town Lot
Thomas Moxley   Do
John Kearon   Do
James Maddox   Do
George Sutherland   Do
Capt. Wm Bentinck   Farm Lot
Lydia Wheeler   Do
Richard Stout   Town Lot
Thomas Loyd Loyalist Do
John Martin Disbanded Soldier Do
Thomas Miller   Do
Edward Kavanagh   Do
Jas Kavanagh & Co.   Do
Jona. White & 99 others   Farm Lots
Lt. Govr DesBarres Son & Daughter   Do
Jon White & Eben Brewer   Town Lots
James Graham   Farm Lot
John Neil   Town Lot
George Moore   Farm Lot
George Moore Junr   Do
John Ley   Town Lot
John Nearing & Sons   Town Lots
John Ley Junr   Do
Charles Martell   Do
Wm McDonald   Farm Lot
A true copy taken from the Records in my Office

			Wm McKinnon

			Secretary & Register

			19th March 1793


Source: Colonial Correspondence, Cape Breton, CO 217, Vol.109, pp. 42-43


Contributed by Janice Fralic-Brown
Page written January 17, 2001


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