Extracts from Minutes of Council regarding Confirmation of Land Grants, from 6th February 1792 to 1st March 1792

Transcribed by Janice Fralic-Brown

Public Notice: "Notice is hereby given that His Majesty's Council will be convened at the Government House on every Monday in February to hear and determine on the validity of such claims to grants of lands on this Island as may be brought forward by any of the Inhabitants."


February 6, 1792:

John Henry, a Loyal Refugee
Duncan Campbell, a Disbanded Soldier
Jno. Taylor, a Disbanded Do
Edwd Moran, a Settler
Jas. Ross & Willm Ross, the consideration of their claims were deferred until another day

February 13, 1792:

The following persons, Settlers on the said North Shore of the North West Branch of Sydney River were accordingly admitted to have grants for the Lots they now hold & that the same do even[?] back to the Sawmill Lake, Viz;

Major Jeremiah Allen, a Loyal Refugee
Jno. Ross, a Loyal Refugee
Saml & Willm Jackson, Settlers
Adam Moor, Settler
Frances Owens, Loyal Refugee
Archd Manderson, Settler
Joseph Roslin, Do
Jacob Beyers[?], disbanded soldier

The following persons Settlers on the south Shore of the Aforesaid North west branch appeared at the Board & produced their claims for Land which were duly examined & maturely Considered and the following admitted to have their Grants competed they having obtained Warrants of Survey for the same almost four years back, and had made very Considerable Improvements on their severally Lots, Viz;

Henry Adams, Settler
Martin Bowers, do
Joseph Rodderham, do
Donald McGregor, disbanded soldier
Robert McKay, do do
Daniel Watson, Loyal Refugee
Jno. Martin, disbanded soldier
Thos. Mitchell, do do
Jno. Jefferson, do do
Robt. Hill, do do
Frederick Welhousen, Settler
Minerd Beher, do
Jno. Grantmeyer, do
Nathan Alcock, disbanded soldier
Duncan Campbell, do do
Jno. Moorhead, do do
Jno. Rundle, Settler
The Honbe Ingram Ball, do

The following persons settled below Cornish Town were admitted on the same pretensions as the [???]ing persons, Viz;

Alexnr Elder, Lot No. 3, disbanded soldier
Jno. Gardner, Lot No. 4, do do
Jno. Shanahan, Lot No. 10, 11 & 12, Settler
Georg Petrie, Lot No. 8, do
Jane Clerk, a widow, Lot No. 2, do
Henry Niel, Lot No. 9, disbanded soldier

Settlers above Cornish Town Admitted on the like pretensions;

John Muggach, Settler
Robert Anderson, do

Settlers on the Bras D'Or admitted on the same pretensions;

William Bown, Refugee Loyalist
Jno. Battle, disbanded soldier
Jno. McCreary, do do
James Gay, Settler
Alexr McLeod, do
David James, do
Charles LeRoy, an old inhabitant at French Village
Jno. Payne, Settler at La Indian

Settlers on the South West branch of Sydney River admitted on the like pretensions;

Mark Crodies, Settler
Alexander Kentley, do

February 20, 1792:

John Mouat and Martha Hickman Williams, 1000 acres at Big Pond, Settlers
Willm Bown, 250 acres Bras D'Or, Settler
Georg Bown, 250 do do do do
Samuel Smith, 250 do (behind the Land formerly Granted to Mr. Ebenezer Brewer), Settler
Captn Jno. Smith, 700 Acres at Portage Lake, Settler
Willm Thompson, 300 do at do, disbd Commiss. Officer

February 27, 1792:

Moses Warren, Lot No. and 100 acres below Cornish Town, Settler
James Moffat, N. Shore of N.W. branch of the River, Settler
Philip Ellison, at Cornish a Lot, Settler
Captn Philip Balhache, a Lot at the Gut of Canso, Settler
Charles Grant, a Lot 100 acres at Low Point, do
John Cooper, a Lot 100 do on the Island Boularderie, disbd soldier
Dennis Desiny, a Lot 100 Acres, do do,
Robert Stuart, a Lot 100 do, disband Soldier
Alexr Sutherland, a Lot 100 do, do do, do
Peter Baben, Lots No. 28 & 29 at Harbour of Arichat, Settler
Joseph Du Gus, Lewis Merchand, Eustace Merchand, Michael Samson, One Hundred Acres on Mount Grenville's bay, Settlers
Henry White, Esquire, a Tract of land of 1000 Acres at the Portage Lake to commence at the south boundary of the Lands reserved for the use of the Crown, Settler

March 1, 1792:

"The Board taking into Consideration that this is the last day mentioned on His Excellency's Proclamation for persons to come forward and substantiate their pretensions to Grants of Land before the Council and it Appearing to the Board that a Number of Settlers situated on the distant and Detached Settlements in the Government have been prevented from coming to Sydney to take the benefit of the Said Proclamation owing to the Lakes and Rivers not having been sufficiently frozen for the season to admit of their Travelling and perceiving also the Great Injustice would be done to those Settlers if they should be entirely shut out form exhibiting their claims most humbly solicited His Excellency that he would be pleased to extend the benefit of the Proclamation to the first day of June next."

Transcriber's Note: Settlers were obliged to prove to Council that they had title to the lands they were occupying.

Source: Colonial Correspondence, Cape Breton; CO 217, Vol. 108, pp. 207 - 210b.

Contributed by Janice Fralic-Brown
Page written January 15, 2001



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