Names of Persons who have Obtained Permissions to Occupy and Improve Land in the Island of Cape Breton from Mr. President Mathews

Transcribed by Janice Fralic-Brown

Names of Persons who have Obtained Permissions to occupy and Improve Lands in the Island of Cape Breton since the 27th May 1795 Granted by Mr. President Mathews.

Persons Names Situation of Land No. of Acres
George Hall Cow Bay & Sydney 238
Thomas Murphy Port Hood 500
Hugh McEachran Gran[?] Judique 580
Daniel Gillis Do 536
Robt McGinnis Do 476
Michl McDonald Do 420
Allen McDonald Do 440
John Graham Do 500
Hugh Gillis Do 480
James Remois Cornish Town 1000
Lewis Smith Maubou 300
Isaac Smith Do 200
David Smith Do 200
Philip Ingouville Head of N. W. Arm 650
John Bremner Boularderie 1000
Charles Grant N.W. Arm 758
Henry Adams [?] N.W. Arm 60
Higgins & Babhiche Saint George’s Bay 550
Benjn Taylor Margaree 450
Godrey[?] S. White Do 1000
Wm White Do 450
Lazar White Do 470
Benjn Worth Maubou 500
Tryon Mathews Do 300
James Murphy Do 500
Jas. March Le Bras Dor 206
Chas King Do 395
Lewis Stout Town of Sydney Lots 2
George Morley Adml Sawyer’s Tract 100
Geo. Sutherland S.W. Arm 100
Jas. Rudderham N.W. Arm 71
Luke Keegan Point Edward 150
Patk Redmond St. George’s Bay 300
Chas. Freeman Do 307
Hezekiah Ingram Margaree 170
Hugh Miller River Inhabitants 475
Alex. Grant Do 500
Wm Bagnel Gabarus 164
Peter Bakin & 5 others St. Peters Bay 1445
Robert Crownlie Port Hood 158
Alexander Ross Sydney 2
Angus McIntyre Little Pond 100
Ross and Young Saint Anns 750
Hugh Watts Little Judique 30[0]
Mr. Tutty and family Lorembec 700
Peter Dorace[?] Gut of Canso 25
C. & M. McDougal Port Hood 5
D. Mathews, Junr River Inhabitants & Canso 100[0?]
John Haley[?] Canso & Sydney 48[0?]
A.C. Dodd N.W. Arm & Sydney 60[0?]
Lydia Boisseau River Baddeck 30[0?]
Wm. Brillon[?] Head S.W. Arm 30[0?]
John DeRable[?] Arichat 20[0?]
John Landrie Arichat 35[0?]
Donald McGregor N.W. Arm 10[0?]
Donald McKievor Do 10[0?]
Keith Cameron Little Pond 10[0?]
John Moffat N.W. Arm 10[0?]
Tremain & Stout Gut of Canso [???]
Joseph Carter Do 1 [00?]
Solomon Brogan Do 2 [00?]
Wm Bown Junr Boularderie 500
Wm. Watson N.W. Arm 133
Lewis Merchand Arichat 240
Capt Wm Cox S.W. Arm 230
Hone Geo. Moore Arichat 81
Susannah Gibbons Adml Sawyer’s Tract 138
Thomas Le Cras Sydney 8[?]
Mathw Hawley Maubou 500
Pat. Jessome Margaree 450
Robt. Mugford Baddeck 200
John Jones Do 100
Jas. Marshall River Inhabitants 500
Wm Bagnel Junr Gabarus 77
Donald McGilvray Low Point 100
Thomas Duvier[?] Low Point 100

Sydney, June 29th 1798                                                      Mathews

       Many of the persons above named had previously obtained a vote of Council for Lands and Their Names as indicated in the list sent home by Lieut. Governor Maccormick.

                                                                                             R. Mathews

Source: RG 1, Vol. 326, Doc. 76: Names of Persons who have Obtained Permissions to Occupy and Improve Land in the Island of Cape Breton from Mr. President Mathews






Contributed by Janice Fralic-Brown
Page written 2 April 2000
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