St. Hyacinth Catholic Cemetery
D'Escousse, Richmond County, NS
(The Old Burying Ground)

The following is a transcription of all legible gravestones which remain in the old burying ground at St. Hyacinth’s Church. This cemetery is located directly behind the Glebe House, overlooking Lennox Passage. The majority of the early stones and markers are missing. The cemetery property slopes towards the sea and shore erosion has taken its toll. Several of the old burials were re-interred before they fell into the sea. The death records of St. Hyacinth Church may be of help in identifying many of the individuals whose gravestones are now missing.

Individuals that appear on the same gravestone are single-spaced on the page. All the rest (those which are double-spaced) have their own markers.

This listing recorded by Jeanne D. Belford, 03 Jun 1999.

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Benoit, Jacques08 Jun 1868Son of Jacques Benoit
Destrumel, Pierre11 Jun 186013 years, 8 months, son of Pierre Destrumel
Benoit, Remi 03 Jan 184206 Jun 1919"Patriot"
Pertus, Delvina A.26 Feb 185023 Mar 1875Wife, "Priez pour elle"
Bona, Victoria11 May 1917Age 68, Wife of William
Boudrot, Desira (sic)25 Nov 1857Age 57 years, 3 months
Boudreau, Angel R.08 Mar 1869Wife of Elias, Age 29
Boudrot, Elie16 May 1879Age 72
Boudrot, Elizabeth02 Jul 1859Age 26
Brittean, John07 Apr 1895Age 87, Tipperary
Boudreau, Placid09 Jul 188970 years, 9 months
Gerrior, Anastasia24 Apr 1893Age 83, Wife of Placid
Fraser, Mrs. Ellen16 Aug 1891Age 74, Dau. Of Mrs. D. Cameron
Josse, Marine20 Apr 1878Age 74, Wife of Desire Boudrot
Joyce, Harriet13 Jun 1900Age 52, Wife of Simon Joyce
Kehoe, John R.27 May 1911 Age 11
Kehoe, William T.05 Sep 1914Age 14
Landry, Virginia27 Jun 1897Wife of Felix
Landry, Felix02 Mar 1826Age 48
Landry, Harriet13 Nov 1870Age 64, Wife of Elias Boudrot
Landry, Lamong18651922
Landry, Josephine07 Apr 1895Age 87, Tipperary
Landry, Josephine M.19 Jul 1917Age 35, Wife of Louis Luc
Langlois, (Missing)30 Jul 1917Age 83
LeBlanc, Augustus29 Jun 1922Age 83
McDonald, Urbain06 Jan 1917Age 63
McDonald, Dora10 Oct 1917Age 22, His Daughter
McLeod, Rev. John Neil18 Mar 1862Oct 1892Ordained 04 Jul 1886
McNeil, Angus20 Jul 1894
McNeil, Angus10 Aug 1902 Age 67
Morrison, Alex23 Apr 1886
Culleton, CatherineDates are illegible
Morrison, Margaret18851916
Morrison, Theophilus18711961
Pertus, Captain Alfred18641945
Pertus, Susan22 Dec 1902Wife of Alfred
Pertus, Francois Wilfred2 Days
Poirier, Adelina20 Jun 1915Age 61
Poirier, Captain Frederic09 Apr 1913Age 61, Husband of Adelina
Poirier-Tambon, M. Alfreda21 Nov 189910 Sep 1991
Poirier, Alfred06 Feb 1893Age 37
Poirier, Desire14 May 1902Captain
Poirier, Leon M.23 Apr 1892?Age 33
Poirier, MaryMar 1888Age 60, wife of Clarence
Poirier, Mary B.23 Jan 1892Wife of Peter LeBlanc, Age 27
Poirier, Seraphina23 Aug 1889Wife of Desire
Quinan, Rev. Joseph S.18 Mar 186219 Nov 1884

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Contributed by, 1999 Jeanne D. Belford

Created 4 December 1998