United Church Cemetery

Big Intervale, North East Margaree, Inverness County, NS

Site of the Presbyterian Church circa 1830. This is a partial listing recorded by Jeanne D. Belford. All material in the "Personal Assessment" column is from Jeanne's personal research files, all of which should be validated with primary source material, and which is included here only for the purpose of providing leads to further lines of inquiry.

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MacKinnon, Hugh18881966Husband of Margaret Ross 
MacKinnon, Angus18471933  
MacKinnon, Eliza18541932  
The above three are buried together.
* * * *
Ross, Peter18151874Age 60 
Ross, Mrs. Peter18191911Age 92 
The above gravestone reads that they were both born at Uig, Isle of Skye, Scotland,
and that she was the daughter of Donald Baen MacPherson.
* * * *
Ross, Daniel C.20 Dec 184914 Oct 1877Age 28.10 
The above gravestone reads that he was born at Sugar Loaf Mountain, North East Margaree.
* * * *
Ross, John Peter12 Mar 185620 Dec 1945  
Ross, Isabella Emma20 Jun 185325 Apr 1941Wife 
* * * *
Ross, Murdoch Young05 May 186012 Dec 1910Age 55Son of Murdoch K. Ross and Amelia Coady.
The gravestone reads that he was born on Sugar Loaf Mountain, North East Margaree,
and that he died in British Columbia.
* * * *
Ross, Donald M.18621945  
Ross, Catherine18561958  
* * * *
Stewart, Sarah A20 Jan 188311 Nov 1909Wife of David J. MarpleDaughter of Alan and Mary (MacKenzie) Stewart.

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