Margaree Valley Baptist Church Cemetery

Northeast Margaree, Inverness County, NS

This is a partial listing recorded by Jeanne D. Belford. All material in the "Assessment" column is from Jeanne's personal research files, all of which should be validated with primary source material, and which is included here only for the purpose of providing leads to further lines of inquiry.

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Coady, T. C.1855  Son of John and Ellen (Shanahan) Coady
Coady, Catherine18581890His wifenee McLeod
Coady, Malcolm  Infant 
Coady, James  Infant 
Coady, Ellen18331885His Mothernee Shanahan
* * * *
Coady, William18191903 Son of Patrick Coady
Coady, Ellen18311915 Wife of William, nee Trenholm
* * * *
Coady, George W.18711948 Son of William Coady
Coady, Lexie18761951Wifenee Morrison
Coady, Colonel19021903 Child of Geo. W. Coady
Coady, Eva19001921 Dau. Of Geo. W. Coady
Coady, Willena18981913 Dau. Of Geo. W. Coady
* * * *
Ingraham, George04 Mar 182528 Jan 1914  
Ingraham, Caroline 26 Jun 1884Age 60 
* * * *
Ingraham, John L.20 Sep 182118 Jan 1905Age 83.4 
Ingraham, Sarah M.09 Nov 183325 Jan 1890Age 57.2.16 
* * * *
Ingraham, James W.18371917 Son of Wm. Ingraham, Sr.
Ingraham, Mary18381904 nee Levis, dau of John, Sr.
* * * *
McLeod, John 07 Jul 1897Age 77 
McLeod, Christiana 07 Mar 1901Age 88 
* * * *
Marple, William 07 Apr 1868Age 60 
* * * *
Ross, Murdock K. 06 Jun 1895Age 74 
Ross, Amelia 07 Feb 1916Age 84Nee Coady, Dau of Patk and Mary Maria (Ingraham) Coady
* * * *
Ross, Carey W. 28 Oct 1938Age 71Son of Murdock Ross
Bell, Annie 26 May 1918Age 55, wife of Carey W. RossI show her as Annie Bell (MacPhail)
Ross, Irving W. 30 Apr 1913Age 9Son of Carey W. Ross
* * * *
Ross, Patrick C.18611950 Son of Murdock Ross
Ross, Martha18581937 Wife of Patrick C., nee Ingraham

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