Canso Causeway Cemetery

Port Hastings, Inverness County, NS

Located beside the lighthouse at the swinging bridge on the Canso Causeway, Port Hastings; earlier known as Belhace's Point, then MacMillan's Point, finally as Nicholson's Point to about 1955 when the building of the Canso Causeway & Canal ended residential occupation of the site.

Information from Headstones recorded by Nancy MacDonnell June 7, 1995. The few headstones remaining are very weather-worn.

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Douce Elizabeth Bel---?
[from MacDougall's 'History of Inverness County' book
Douce Elizabeth Belhace, died 1795, 6 yrs., 8 months.
born Island of Jersey, daughter of Philip Belhace & Douce Hubert]

Nicholas ?

James Skinner died 1888, 28 yrs.

_____? top of stone missing, 21 yrs.

Christina Skinner d.1832 ?, 52 yrs, 2 yrs, 2 mos. ?

Charles J. Fox, 65 yrs. 1824?
Mary Fox, 1880, 32 yrs.

headstone top missing

Angus [Paint or Grant?]

other stone markers, no names or dates now readable.

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Contributed by Nancy MacDonnell

Created 22 November 1998