West Mabou Pioneer Cemetery,

West Mabou,, Inverness County, NS

First Catholic Church Cemetery estabished 1833. About 144 graves here many marked by a stone (rock) without names, set on a cement block base. Cemetery overlooks Mabou Harbour, almost across the water from the present day Catholic Church & cemetery. Nancy MacDonnell recorded all stones.

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x Jenneit McDonald, d. 28 Apr. 1846, 26 yrs.
husband- Alexander Beaton, d. 6 Jan. 1841
3 of their children

x Donald Morrison, d. 15 Sept 1835, 76 yrs.

x Neil McPhee, d. 1836, 51 yrs.
  Angus McPhee d. 1846, 25 yrs.

x Lex R. Beaton (Alexander?) s/o Finley Beaton, Coal Mines
  born Lochaber, N. Britain, died 4 July 1831, 34 yrs.

x Murdoch McPherson 1756-1826
  wife- Catherine 1785-1865
  Jessie 1799-1875
  John 1886, 8 days old.
  (erected by H.A. McPherson)

x Erected by Ronald McDonald in memory of 
Mary Beaton, his wife, a Native of Mabou, 
who departed this life Sept. 20, 1841, 19 yrs.

x Angus Campbell, Native of Lochaber, Inverness Sheraer (shire?), Scotland
  died Feb. 18, 1846, 60 yrs.
erected by his Espouse Catherine Campbell, Black River

x D. M. (carved in a rock)

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