Pioneer Cemetery, Embree's Island

Port Hawkesbury, Inverness County, NS

Visible from #4 Hwy. waterside of Hwy. between Port Hastings & Port Hawkesbury; info from headstones June 1995. Nancy MacDonnell recorded all stones June 1995.

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x Isaac Embree 1829-1885
  wife- Rhonda 1821-1906
  daughter- Sarah E. Embree 1851-1904
  Fenced corner plot closest to Strait of Canso

x Children of John & Jane Davis:
Annie, d. 1884, 9 yrs.
Ellen, d. 1869, 7 mos.
George E, d. 6 wks.

x Fanny or Annie ?  Davis

x Annie Martin

x Margaret Langley, d. 1909 90 yrs, w/o Capt Wm. Milpot (Philpot?)

x Annie Reynolds, d. 1892, w/o John Langley, Sr.
  Amelia M. Langley, d. 1900, 20 yrs.

x William Gray, d. 1907, 84 yrs.
  Rebecca Gray, d. 1904, 80 yrs.

x Florence A. Embree, d.. 1865, 7 yrs, 6 mos., d/o Charles & Elizabeth

x Jane, d. 1851, 31 yrs.
  Louisa, infant, d. 6 mos.
  Charles Martel, who drown, 1852, 1yr, 8 mos.

x W. Davis

x Fredrick Davis, d.1883, 18 yrs.
  s/o Casper & Margaret Embree

x Daniel F. Embree, d. 19 yrs.

x Samuel T. Embree, d. 1871
  wife- Catherine W. Embree, d. 1858, 58 yrs.

x Mary Lou Embree, d. 1874, 8 1/2 mos.
  Annie Gertude Embree, d. 1872, 2 yrs., 2 mos.

x George W. Reynolds, d. 1877, 68 yrs.
  Annie Sophie, d. 1859, 48 yrs.
  Kenneth F. Reynolds , d. 1876, 30 yrs.

x George Langley, d. 1860 , 28 yrs

x Thomas Evans

x John 1878, 84 yrs.
  his children:
  Mary 12 yrs.?,
  Nancy W. 25 yrs.?
  Wm. Langley

x Louisa Grant

x Nicholas D. Paint, born in Guernsey 1790, died of cholera
at Philadelphia, U.S. 1832, A merchant in foriegn trade & shipping
  Eliza Paint, youngest daughter of Nicholas, d. 1864, 39 yrs.
  John Paint,b. Guernsey 1822- d. 1832, 10 yrs., 2nd son of Nicholas, died a
few days before his father of cholera at Philadelphia.

x Adolphus Embree, Sen. d. 1883, 86 yrs.
  1st wife- Susan Embree, d. 1839, 41 yrs.
  2nd wife- Charolette Embree, d. 1848, 35 yrs.
  3rd wife- Elizabeth, d. 1888, 80 yrs

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Contributed by Nancy MacDonnell

Created 21 November 1998