Long Point Pioneer Cemetery

Walker's Cove, Inverness County, NS

Thanks to V. MacIssac, Judique, who sent an email 20 Jan 1999, stating this cemetery should be listed as WALKER'S COVE, named after Walker's Lobster Factory that once operated there. Baxter's Cove is located further north.

In Walker's Cove, near Judique, Inverness Co.; located on the Shoreside end of Centennial Road, Long Point, off Route 19. Info from headstones June 1996; many graves here without surviving markers. Nancy MacDonnell recorded all stones June 1996.

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x Alex Mc Donell, died 23 Dec. 1878, 65 yrs.
native of Dornie, Kintail, Ross-shire, Scotland

x Isabella McDonell , died 24 Feb. 1902, 75 yrs,
w/o Angus McInnis
also her niece- Maggie A. McDonald, died 28 June 1896, 27 yrs.

x Angus McDougall,(father) 12 June 1916, 78 yrs.
wife- Flora McDonald (mother) 6 Nov. 1911, 58 yrs.

x William Campbell, died 24 Mar. 1901, 20 yrs.
s/o James & Catherine Campbell

x Daniel A. Campbell 12 Sept. 1903, 41 yrs.
s/o James & Catherine Campbell

x Nancy Mc Master, died 30 June 1904, 69 yrs.
   w/o John McDonell

x Duncan Mc Donnell, died 29 Aug. 1919, 36 yrs.

x Alex H. MacDougall, died 15 Feb. 1925

x carved in a flat rock most worn off:
in mdd^or mo
fd         ???

x Alexander McDonnell, 11 Dec. 1909, 31 yrs.,
died at Banks, Long Point
s/o John & Annie McDonnell

x wooden cross
John Graham
died Oct. 182_ ?

x Robert McInnis
who departed this life in Sept. __? aged 64 yrs.
--------------? [stone too weathered to read bottom]

x ____? [stone too weathered to read anything]

x Interred the body of Donald McEachern
---dep---- life
A.D. 1841
--------- [too weathered to read]

x Sacred to the memory of John McDonald,
a native of Moidert in the county of
Inss [Inverness?], Scotland
who departed this life Aug t 12th 1841, aged 73 yrs.
also his spouse- F. McC. who died Dec, 8, 1822, aged 60 yrs.

x Mary A. Campbell, died Nov. 18, 1901, 37 yrs.
d/o Hugh & Catherine Campbell

x Angus Gillis, died 12 April 1901, 80 yrs.
  wife- Margaret MacDonnell, died 3 Dec. 1899, 72 yrs.
  son- Duncan [Gillis], died 29 Mar. 1894, 25 yrs.
  also Christy [Gillis], died 1916, 49 yrs, w/o A. McIssac

x James McDonald, died 2 July 1891, 95 yrs.
  wife- Jessie, died 6 Jan. 1873, 65 yrs.

x Mary McDonald, died 1 Oct. 1920, 82 yrs.
  w/o John McDonald

x Mrs. Donald MacDonald, died 17 Oct. 1931, 84 yrs.

x Donald J. MacDonald, died 25 Aug. 1924, 91 yrs.

x Alexander J. MacDonald, died 1 Sept. 1916, 72 yrs.

x Catherine Forbes, died 9 Oct. 1831, AE 32 yrs.
w/o Donald Chishom, Native of Antigonish

x ______________
_______________  [top of stone too weathered to read]
Farquhar McDonell 
who departed this life 1855 aged 78 yrs.
erected by his familey [sic] may they rest in 
--------[the rest of the stone is buried]

x Alexander Chisholm, (father) Oct r 20, 1859, 64 yrs.

x William Chisholm, died 17 Dec. 1879, 55 yrs.
  (stone erected by his son Dan)

x Colin Chisholm, died 1 May 1848, 24 yrs.
s/o Alex dr [Alexander] & Mary Chishom
? J. McIsaac on bottom of stone- maybe stone carver?

x Margaret Chisholm (mother), died 19 July 1920, 65 yrs.
also her father- Angus Chisholm, died 15 Jan. 1878, 73 yrs

x Catherine McDonell,(grandmother), died 1 Nov. 1890, 77 yrs.
also her son- Colin Chisholm, deid 29 Jan. 1908, 57 yrs, died Chelsea, Mass.
and daughter- Annie Chisholm, died July 1880, 28 yrs.

x John Chisholm, of Long Point, died 12 Nov. 1920, 87 yrs.

x Margaret 1855-1930
w/o John Chisholm of Long Point
also Ellen 1843-1929
w/o Alex Chisholm, Banks, Long Point

x Hugh J. McDonald, died 2 Feb. 1909, 39 yrs. died Boston, Mass.

x Joseph McDonald, died 12 Sept. 1925, 86 yrs.
x wife- Mary, died 10 July 1941, 94 yrs.

Many other graves without markers or names, many are marked by a rock.

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Transcription and image Contributed by Nancy MacDonnell

Created 21 November 1998