North River Bridge St Anns, Victoria County, NS

Located North River Bridge St Anns, Victoria County, N.S. From Trans Canada 105 take exit 11 turnoff to St Anns Bay; proceed 16.6 km; cemetery on right or shore side of road. R Fraser recorded all stones 22 Aug. 1998.

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Donald McLean    7 Aug 1890    Aged 40 yrs

[fallen over] Donald McLean      May 1874    Aged 72 yrs
Wife Sarah Morrison     5 May 1899    Aged 93 yrs

Hector Carmichael    Born in Scotland 1822   Emigrated to CB 1828
Died 22 June 1879
Wife Mary Smith     Born at Northriver 1831   Died 6 Dec 1905

Angus Kerr     Who was lost at sea   29 Dec 1881   aged 52 yrs
Wife Margaret    18 Aug 1895     Aged 62 yrs

Christy McDonald, wife of Angus Kerr, who died 16 Jan 1869   aged 37 yrs

Rory McLeod    18 June 1870    Aged 86 yrs
[footstone] also his son Murdoch    Aged 11 yrs

Ann, wife of Rory McLeod, 13 July 1842    Aged 53 yrs

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Contributed by Roberta Fraser

Created 7 November 1998