Transcribed by: Joseph V.A. MacPhee

Plaque on gatepost inscribed as follows:
In memory of
Mabel MacKenzie

NOTICE:You may copy for your own use with this notice attached but not distribute electronically or in print or by any other means without written permission.

In memory of
Capt. Nelson
W. Allen
At rest

BISSETT Charles Bisset MacDonald

CALDER Catherine Calder 1900 -1940 Rev. John Calder

CAMERON In memory of Catherine Cameron Died Apr. 29, 1917 Aged 79 yrs Blessed are the pure in heart For they shall see God

CAMPBELL Sarah K. Campbell 1873-1942 Campbell Sybil C. Campbell Beloved wife of Rod A. MacDonald 1878-1954 Campbell Peter M. Campbell New Jersey Ch Mech 320 FA 82 Div World War I Jan. 9, 1888 Jan. 27, 1969 Campbell In loving memory of Husband George (Jiggs) 1911-1985 Ever remembered Ever Loved

COOK Emma Smith Cook 1877-1959 Gone to be with Christ Which is for better

COTTON Harry R. Cotton W 0 1 RCA 28 July 1972 Age 57 Cotton Ethel Cotton wife of Frank C. Cotton 1877-1925

CRUICKSHANK In memory of Alexander K. Cruickshank June 8, 1901 Aug. 21, 1954 His wife Jean Chisholm 1906-1986 His brother Chesley Austin 1904-1986 What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever

BLANCHARD Isabel M. Blanchard Massachussetts 1st Lt Army Nurse Corps World War 11

DICKS In memory of Sarah H. MacCuish Beloved wife of Nelson L. Dicks Died Dec. 22, 1911 Aged 22 years

DICKSON Matthew Dickson Oct. 4, 1892 May 29, 1951 His wife Annie 1901-1950 Dickson Wilbert S. Dickson Corporal North N.S. Highlanders 4 July 1969 age 47 Dickson Donald A. Dickson Born 1922 died 1979 Resting Field of Honor Pte. Claire Quebec

DOUCETTE Florence Isabel Doucette Feb. 19, 1914 May 2, 1954

FERGUSON Catherine Elaine June 30, 1944 - may 30, 1946 Baby daughter November 8, 1952 S/ldr John A. ferguson April 2, 1914-July 28, 1985 We know he cared Remebered by John Jr., Raymond & Marie Ferguson In memory of Raymond K. Ferguson 1920-1948 Angus ferguson 1865-1959 His wife Effie C. 1892-1981 Asleep in jesus FERGUSON

FLANAGAN In loving memory of Joseph P. Flanagan 1900-1969 His wife Bessie S. 1911-1997

FRASER Mabel Christina Fraser Aug. 28, 1915 Apr. 2, 1994

GIBSON Infant son Douglas Glen Born march 26, 1964 Died May 23, 1964

GOSWELL Henry Tena 1905-1023 Safe in the arms of Jesus In memory of Lauchlin H. Goswell 1866-1933 His wife Elizabeth A. Summer 1865- GOSWELL

HAMILTON Minnie daughter of Wm & Sarah Hamilton Died Nov. 25, 1890 Also Emma J. Hamilton Died Dec. 4, 1890 Aged 4 months grandchild Annie Hamilton 1874-1943

HANDLEY in memory of Wm. Williamson handley Died at St. Peters, C.B. Feb. 6, 1902 Aged 73 years A native of halifax

HARNISH In loving memory of Earl K. (Buddie) Harnish 1934-1956 How we miss the welcome footsteps Of the one we loved so dear Oft we listen for his footsteps Feeling sure that he is near You are gone but not forgotten Fresh our love will always be For as long as there is memory We will always think of thee Harnish 1902-Kitchener N 1987 We often think about you Your place no one can fill In life we loved you dearly In death We love you still Harnish Nov. 1906 Ida D. Jan. 1975 Because she was so close to us Just as the fragrance of a rose Still lingers when it's gone Her kindly and endearing ways In thought, are with us still And in our hearts that love her so She lives and always will

HAYES In memory of JohnH. Hayes 1890-1969 At rest

HILL Annie J. M. Robert 1880-1969 1875-1912 Buried at Vancouver, B.C. Hill Hugh John Jan. 26, 1901 Apr. 23, 1981 Sadly Missed & Dearly loved Hill John Kenneth Hill 1887-1934 His wife Annie L.Murray 1891-1967

HORTON Arthur Ross (Ben) Horton 1930-1996 Beloved husband of Annie Alice MacLennan Horton 1932 Ever remembered ever loved

HOWE Asleep in Jesus In memory of Mary macKenzie wife of Daniel Howe Born Dec. 15, 1866 Died Aug. 13, 1932 Howe July 14, 1904 jan. 17, 1972

JOHNSTON Bessie S. Fred 1893-1961 1892-1974

KEMP John M. Kemp 1848-1940 His wife Sarah Ann Ross 1872-1952

KENNEY In loving memory of Father Mother James E. Cora M. 1889-1961 1890-1965 Ever remembered ever loved

LEWIS In loving memory of James L. Lewis 1889-1961 To memory ever dear

MacAskill Kenneth A. MacAskill 1892-1954 At rest Catherine Beloved wife of James MacAskill Died Dec. 10, 1917 Aged 62 years Sacred to the memory of Jane MacAskill Fell assleep June 4, 1901 Age 62 years

MacCuish Angus MacCuish 1902-1941 Flora MacCuish 1874-1973 Mary C. MacCuish 1901-1901 Jean Vera 1902-1976 David J. MacCuish Apr. 28, 1892 Apr 21, 1946 MacCuish In memory of Little Archie J. son of Alex B. & Jessie A. McCuish Died Nov. 16, 1883 Aged 2 yrs 3 months Alexander MacCuish 1843-1919 His wife Jessie A. MacPhie 1854-1933 Only sleeping MacCuish

MasC In memory of Angus F. MacCuspic Died June 3, 1916 Aged 65 years From his own fullness He taketh away MacCuspic And in memory of Amelia Beloved wife of A. McAskill Died 19 Oct., 1887 Aged 34 years To the Glory of God and in memory of Harietta A. Beloved wife of Angus McAskill Died Sept. 13, 1878 Also infant son Clarence John Darrell Died July 7, a.d. 1877 Darling Willie son of Angus & Amelia McAskill Born June 1, Died August 2, 1892 Thy will be done

MACDONALD In loving memory of Father Mother Daniel A. Jessie May 1881-1968 1887-1973 MacDonald In memory of Husband Christina 1893-1976 1898-1990 Rest in peace MacDonald William MacDonald 1906-1974 In loving memory of Charles Josselyn June - Nov. 1964 Infant son of Bryce & Jean MacDonald MacDonald In memory of John R. son of Roderick A & Sybil MacDonald 1913-1934 At rest MacDonald Roderick MacDonald 1870-1946 MacDonald In memory of Husband Wife Earl Calder Myrtle Jean Born may 13, 1909 Born Sept. 6, 1911 Died May 22, 1993 Died July 13, 1973 Ever remembered MacDonald Alister dan MacDonald Donald Allan Born April 23, 1872 Died July 25, 1971 John Macdonald died oct. 31, 1896 Aged 62 years For 6 years served faithfully as elder in the Prebyterian Church, St. Peters, C.B. Because I live ye shall live also MacDonald I know that my redeemer liveth Mary MacDonald wife of John MacDonald Born May 20, 1840 Died Aug. 29, 1920 And they shall see his face MacDonald Margaret wife of D.A. MacDonald 1877-1926

MacDonald In loving memory of My husband John F. MacDonald Died 14 March 1891 Aged 44 years Thy virtue & thy worth Shall find remembrance cheer And ease the aching heart That drops the falling tear Walter Charles Tupper infant son of John & Minnie McDonald Died 20th September 1889 Aged 13 months Beneath this stone in soft repose Is laid a mother's dearest pride A flower that scarced has waked to life And light and beauty ere it died In loving memory of MacDonald John W. 1899-1980 R.I.P. McDonald Kenneth MacDonald Died Feb. 17, 1897 Aged 60 years Christina A. Died July 6, 1897 Aged 19 years Daughter of Kenneth & Johanna McDonald Gone But Not Forgotten McDonald

MacDonald Kenneth A. MacDonald May 3, 1911 Nov. 11, 1965

MacDonald in memory of Angus D. MacDonald August 2, 1868 Sept. 21, 1948 His wife Annie Mary MacDonald Dec. 16, 1876 Dec. 20, 1967 MacDonald Malcolm William 1904-1979

MacDonald Husband Wife Norman A. Abbie S. 1904-1988 1913-

MCDONALD In memory of Catherine Daughter of D J V and Christine McDonald Died May 20, 1896 Aged 4 months In memory of John A. MacDonald M.D. Born 1854 Died 1925

MACEWEN In loving memory of John MacEwen And flight of angels sing Thee to Thy rest MACEWEN William MacEwen 1861-1939 Ever remembered Ever loved

MacInnis John D. MacInnis Fied Nov. 2, 1925 Age 65 years His wife Mary C. Matheson Died June 15, 1913 42 years Donalf F. MacInnis Died Feb. 2, 1935 Age 32 years Kenneth MacInnis Died Sept. 1, 1938 Age 31 years Charlie M. MacInnis Died June 27, 1926 Age 17 years

MACKENZIE B.D. MacKenzie 1860-1943 Donald M. macKenzie 1898-1956 Dorothy M. MacKenzie 1895-1969 James F. MacKenzie 1889-1963 MacKenzie In memory of Mary macKenzie wife of James W. logan Died Dec. 28, 1928 Aged 88 yrs Forever with the Lord MacKenzie Mary E. MacKenzie 1898-1979 MacKenzie Neil R. MacKenzie Sapper R.C.E. 26 July 1971 Age 73 MacKenzie In loving memory of John A. Annie 1903-1958 1898-1972 In memory of Kenneth MacKenzie 1845-1920 Mackenzie Kenneth A. 4 Nov. 1916 8 Oct. 1994 Ever remembered MacKenzie In loving memory of Our father Roy M. MacKenzie 1919-1981 MacKenzie Susan C. MacKenzie 1879-1968 Daughter of 1902 Annie May 1914 Infant son Died Nov. 30, 1963 MacKenzie In memory of Sadie 1885-1949 Beloved wife of Hugh J. MacKenzie 1877-1972 MacKenzie William M. MacKenzie Died Mar. 23, 1917 Aged 71 years The sleep which morning wakes no more

MACKENZIE In loving memory of Tryphena Elsie Beloved wife of Kenneth D. MacKenzie 1869-1947 MacKenzie MacKenzie in loving memory of Kenneth D. macKenzie 1845-1921 Donald MacKenzie 1897-1918 MacKenzie MacKenzie In loving memory of Annie C. MacKenzie 1899-1968 wife of John MacEwen Ever remembered Janie Ann MacKenzie 1878-1963 In loving memory of Harvey MacKenzie 1894-1983 In God we trust In memory of Alexander Stephen MacKenzie Mar. 12, 1906-July 31, 1964 Sweet be Thy Rest MacKenzie John A. Annie 1903-1958 1898-1972 Erected by her husband In loving memory of Ella M. Saxton nee MacKenzie Died July 31, 1913 Aged 22 years In loving memory of A.C. MacKenzie 1857-1939 In loving memory of Mary A, wife of A.C. MacKenzie Born March 17, 1865 Died Jan. 26, 1925 With the Lord forever William McKenzie Died March 23, 1917 Aged 71 years The slep which morning wakes no more McKenzie

MACKENZIE Robert D. MacKenzie 1881-1953

MACLEAN MacLean John E. MacLean 1880-1919 His wife 1980 Jennie 1956 Kenneth Sterling 1915-1980 son of John & Jennie MacLean Alex O. MacLean 1911- Maude H. 1896-1971 Katherine I. MacLean 1914-1992 Cenotaph Elsie wife of J.W. MacLean 1897-1920 Burried at Truro, N.S.

MACLEOD In loving memory of James P. Margaret T.. 1904-1983 1913 Always Loved You Catherine 1847-1936 wife of Norman MacLeod

MACLEOD In memory of Norman MacLeod 1841-1911 Christena H. Macleod 1878-1929 John N. MacLeod 1880-1905 In memory of Maggie wife of Murdoch A. MacLeod Died Nov. 13, 1925 In memory of Murdoch MacLeod 1808-1935 MACLEOD

MACPHAIL Hugh J. MacPhail 1895-1978 The lord is my Shepherd

MACPHERSON Erected in memory of Alexander F. son of Elizabeth MacPherson who died at Philadelphia 26th November 1966 age 28 years At the time of his death he was a member in good standing of Star of Columia Lodge No. 70 CCFP Behold how good and how pleased it is for brethren to dwell together in unity Psalm 137 In loving memory of Kenneth McPherson Born 11 Jan 1854 Died at Glouchester, Mass. 6th Dec. 1897 For if we believe That Jesus died And rose again Even so they also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him

MACRAE In memory of William A. 1902-1994 Ever remembered Ever loved

MACRAE Pte. Lloyd MacRae 1921-1992 R.C.A.,C.A. Lest we forget (wife burried beside with no stone)

MCRAE In memory of Daniel A. McRae Died Dec. 20, 1921 Aged 56 years Not my will but thine be done Clara Isabel Beloved child of Donald & Lula Mcrae Died March 14, 1914 Aged 4 years & 7 months In memory of William D. Mcrae Died August 29, 1933 Aged 66 years Assleep in Jesus MCRAE In memory of Murdoch Stewart McRae Died July 25, 1937 Aged 68 years Forever with the Lord MCRAE In memory of Mary beloved wife of Duncan McRae and second daughter of Allan Cameron of Black River West bay Died Dec. 28, 1876 At 39 years Maggie I. McRae Died Dec. 29, 1895 Aged 49 years

MATHESON Ella Munn Matheson 1889-1981 John Alexander Matheson 1881-1918 Kathrine Isabel Matheson 1874-1910 Isabel wife of John D. Matheson 1846-1921 John D. Matheson 1845-1922

McAskill James & Cassie Mcaskill Maude I. beloved daughter of Attonesa Maude McAskill Died Dec. 18, 1908 Aged 11 years 8 months

MONNON Ernest F. Mary Ann Dec. 20, 1915 Nov. 7, 1920 Feb. 10, 1989 Forever in our Hearts MONNON LAC Ernest F Monnon

Morrison John V. Morrison Died July 5, 1929 Aged 89 years His wife Christy Ann Morrison Died July 1, 1925 Aged 71 years Hugh F. Morrison 1893-1949 Bill Morrison Born October 6, 1891 Died November 30, 1946 Morrison In Loving Memory of Margaret M Donald W. 1879 - 1964 1874 - 1966 Morrison The Lord Is My Shepherd Alexander Allan Beloved son of Alex and Rith Apr. 16, 1960 Oct. 11, 1993 Morrison Mother Forever Father Awilda M. Together Harry A. 1921 - 1915 - 1997 Morrison Lloyd Morrison Signalman R.C.C.S 24 Mar. 1978 Age 60 Morrison In loving memory of Wilfred E. Morrison 1884-1961 His wife Mary Morrison 1887-1960 Morrison In memory of Robert C. Matilda 1873-1964 1886-1972 Morrison Father Safe Mother Angus Daniel In The Christena Mae Born May 1885 Arms of Born Feb. 1907 Died Nov. 1969 Jesus! Died May 1969 Morrison William D. Annie Kemp 1887-1988 1891-1970 Morrison In loving memory Alfred 1882-1957 His wife Matilda 1880-1968 Morrison Morrison Infant child of Matilda & Alfred Morrison 1909 Morrison George Darby Aug. 31, 1914 Nov. 19, 1973 In God's Care! Morrison In memory of Father Mother Donald A. Charlotte A. 1891-1978 1893-1974 Morrison Pte. Donald A. Charlotte A. Morrison MacRae Morrison Morrison In loving memory of Archibald J. Morrison 1888-1959 His wife Jesse Flora 1894-1987 At Rest Morrison Mary McIntyre Morrison 1869-1939 Morrison Tena Morison 1895-1898 Morrison Robert J. Morrison Staff Sergeant R.C.E 16 Oct. 1973 Age 62 Morrison Christy A. 1892-1969 Morrison Henry Isabel 1876-1915 1877-1918 Morrison Andre W. Morrison 1847-1902 His wife Annie 1856-1893 their son Angus 1882-1903 Blessed are the dead Who die in the Lord Morrison Maggie Morrison 1883-1894 Morrison Mother Father Catherine Alexander A. 1859-1908 1852-1944 Morrison In loving memory of Roy John Morrison 1928-1963 Beloved son of John & Annie Morrison On that bright immortal shore We shall meet to part no more Morrison John V. Morrison Died July 5, 1929 Aged 89 years His wife Christy Ann Morrison Died July 1, 1925 Aged 71 years Morrison Minnie wife of Charles M. Morrison 1885-1946 Charles M. Morrison 1875-1948 Morrison Father Mother John W. Annie Y. 1868-1973 1889-1987 The Lord Is My Shepherd! Morrison In loving memory of Husband Wife Allan D. Bertha A. 1896-1969 1897-1985 Father Mother Morrison H. Murdoch Born 8th June 1876 Died 14th July 1876 William Bill Born 9th Dec. 1883 Died 21st June 1884 Amelia O. wife of John Morrison Born 11 May, 1846 Died 21st feb. 1909 Morrison Morrison A.H. Nillidge Born 5th Aug. 1877 Died 1st June 1884 Hugh L.B. Born 24th April 1881 Died 3rd July 1884 Children of John & Amelia Morrison John morrison Born Sept. 30, 1836 Died Feb. 22, 1918 Morrison In memory of Margaret E. Beloved wife of John Morrison & daughter of Capt. Charles E. Kelly Well known for kindness & liberality, Ever ready to relieve the poor & needy during life. Was beloved by friends and acquaintances. She departed this life deeply lamented on the 23rd Aug., 1867 Aged 34 years Morrison My huband John A. Morrison Died Nov. 28, 1898 Age 56 years The souls of the righteous are in the hands of God

MUNN Kenneth Munn 1887-1961

MUNROE Hemmel S. 1917-1989 Ever remembered by Marion Hall

MURRAY In loving memory of Ada Ann May 1, 1896 March 17, 1947 Wife of Capt. John G. Morrison July 3, 1887-December 28, 1960 At rest Murray In loving memory of Elizabeth V. March 31, 1900 June 14, 1923 Daughter of Capt. J & M. Murray When Thou Passeth Through The Waters I will be with you Capt. John Murray Wife Margaret Ann Their Daughter Susan (Murray) Calder Murray Murray In memory of Angus J. Murray Born 1908 Died 1962 Murray In memory of Duncan A. Murray Born 1898-Died 1963 Murray Annie Murray Beloved wife of Malcolm Smith Oct. 28, 1907 Aged 76 years Blessed are the dead Who die in the lord

NOTZLER T.S. Notzler Born 21st Aug. 1872 Died 25th January 1901 T/S. Lusdsey Born 13 July 1874 Died 18th April 1894 Hattie A.F. Born 1st June 1879 Died 25th Feb. 1900

NICHOLSON Father Mother Charles J. Margaret C. 1879-1956 1885-1964

NICKERSON In loving memory of Father Mother James E. Mary Jane 1880-1959 1882-1959

NIEFORTH Myrtle C. Gordon L. MacLean Nieforth 1913-1978 1944-1984 Wife of Ted Son of ted & Daisy(MacDonald) Gone But Not Forgotten

PEARO William Raymond Pearo Sr. 1901-1948 His wife Beatrice Morrison Pearo 1898-1958 Pearo

PRIME In loving memory of Darrell Kenneth 1953-1967 son of Gilbert & Ena Prime Fondly loved and deeply mourned DARRELL Prime In loving memory of Gilbert I. July 23, 1923 Feb. 17, 1977 Till we meet again John Byron Prime son of Gilbert & Ena Prime Aug. 16, 1961-Dec. 17, 1982 Ever remembered ever loved

PRINGLE William Daniel 1908-1984

RENT In memory of Edward Rent 1882-1943

ROSS Jack Ross 1892-1962 Ross In loving memory of Christie M. 1882-1975 Ever remembered Ross In memory of John Dan Ross April 9, 1919 May 20, 1996 Always remembered Ross Arthur Burge 1907-1978 Ratchel Ann 1912-1984 Rest in peace Ross In memory of Husband Wife Finlay A. A. Jane 1892-1979 1905-1997 In God we trust Sarah M. Daughter of J & M Ross April 4, 1913 Jan. 13, 1922 Budded on earth to bloom in heaven Ross In memory of Father Mother Daughter John A. Mary A. Katherine C. 1865-1940 1868-1941 1904-1935 Captain Robert Ross Died July 15, 1878 Aged 39 years Burial at the Points West Bay his wife Ann MacPherson Died March 27, 1906 Aged 62 years And their infant son William Died Dec. 7, 1870 Donald Neil son of John & Mary Ross Died March 20, 1910 Aged 10 years 9 months Charles Stewart 1834-1902 Stewart Ross Donald K. 1908-1951

SARGENT Rosa de los Angeles Gilbert Molina-Adam 1906-1993 Wife of Charles Edw. Sargent 1908

SLONEWHITE In memory of Sarah Jane Slonewhite Died Jan. 15, 1900 Age 61 years May her soul rest in peace! In memory of George N. Slonewhite Died March 15, 1932 Age 79 years He fell assleep in peace

Spurrell In loving memory of Henry T. Ethel 1888-1950 1893-1972

STEWART Father Mother Roderick G. Ann M. 1890-1954 1892-1965 Stewart In memory of Annie wife of Charles Stewart 1850-1928 Stewart Stewart Angus D.. son of Charles & Jane Stewart 1871-1902 Catherine daughter of Angus D. & Ann Stewart 1900-1901 Stewart Anna wife of Donald W. Stewart 1876-1911 Donald W. Stewart 1875-1925 D.Y. Stewart 1848-1921 his wife Mary Margaret Stewart 1865-1945 In loving memory of John Angus Stewart 1877-1960 His wife Rhoda Gladys 1892-1964 Thy will be done In loving memory of Alexandrina May Ross 1894-1921 and infant son The Lord is Thy Shepherd

STONE In memory of Leo henry Stone Nov. 24, 1930 Apr. 21, 1971 Ever remembered Stone Constance Mae Smith July 4, 1931 June 19, 1985 Wife of Don

SUTHERLAND In memory of a kind & loving husband John B. Sutherland Nov. 19, 1917 Aged 71 years

TWIST Ernest C. Twist 1884-1968 Erected by Lakeside Home & School Assoc. E.C. Twist 1879-1968 He lived to serve

URQUHART In memory of Donald Urquhart Died March 2, 1899 His wife Jessie MacKenzie 1893-1920 Howard D. Urquhart MD 1874-1934 Burried in new york

WILLIAMSON Cpl. Richard K. Williamson 1922-1961 R.C.A.S.C.C.A. Lest we forget Father Williamson Arthur Williamson 1888-1932 His wife Lenora Williamson 1895-1954 Richard Menzies 1856-1940 WILLIAMSON

WRIGHT In memory of Charles M. son of William & Blanche Wright 1914-1932 Asleep in Jesus WRIGHT Wright In loving memory of William L. Wright March 4, 1877 - Oct 18, 1942 His wife Blanche S April 26, 1879 October 16, 1965 At rest

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Contributed by Joseph V.A. MacPhee

Created 7 November 1998