Holy Cross Cemetery, Ward 4
also known as Old St Joseph's

North Sydney, Cape Breton County, NS

Recorded by Debbie MacKinnon and typed by Beverly Darby-Brown in August 1998.

Many stones are broken and some are lying on the side of the graveyard.I tried to get as many as I could and as much information as possible.I started at the back of the cemetery next to the fence and went back and forth front to back.There was no apparent order to rows.

NOTICE:You may copy for your own use with this notice attached but not distribute electronically or in print or by any other means without written permission.

In memory of
Duncan MacNeil died Apr 25 1919 age 80 yrs
(Large white stone, writing on one side)

Side 1John Batherson died Dec 4 1918 age 63 yrs
John Batherson died May 25 1924 age 71 yrs
Sides 2 and 3 are illegible
Side 4 In memory of
Dolly M. E. died Aug 8 1901 aged 10 yrs
Daughter of John & Mary Batherson

Lawrence 1857 - 1949
His wife Mary 1863 - 1952
Erected by sister

Only information legible is
July 13 1902 aged 34 yrs 1 mons
(Broken stone)

In memory of
Annie Isabelle Gouthro beloved wife of James MacDougall
Died Jan 7 1918 age 47 yrs
"Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord
And let perpetual light shine upon them"

Side 1 In memory of
Alfred Evans died Nov 28 1924 aged 62
Side 2 In loving memory of
Hannah M. Evans wife of A. Evans
Died Nov 15 1931 age 72 yrs
"May her soul rest in peace"
(Large grey stone , first side very difficult to read)

In memory of
Georgina beloved daughter of Alfred B. and Hannah M. Evans
Born Oct 16 1892 died Feb 21 1901
(Small white stone next to previous stone)

_..................................aged 10
Malcolm died Sept 29 1908 aged 11 yrs 5 mons
James died Apr 30 1903 aged 2 days
Daniel J. died Apr 1 1916 age 19 yrs
Children of __ and Catherine O'Handley
(Stone is almost covered , top is gone)

Dennis LeBlanch died Dec 10 1910 age 20 yrs
"Rest in peace"

Douglas Tobin died Jan 28 1911 age 48 yrs
(Broken stone)

Daniel B. died Aug 29 1903 age 8 yrs
Mary died Dec 31 1902 age 8 yrs
Children of John & Mary Tobin
Mary A. wife of John Tobin 1871 - 1929
"Rest in peace"
(Grave is sunken into ground)

In loving memory of
Daniel A. Campbell 
Born at Boisdale Cape Breton Dec 15 1848
Died Jan 4 1923
"Rest in peace"
In memory of
Johanna beloved wife of Daniel Campbell
Died Oct 5 1920 age 63 yrs
"May her soul rest in peace
In memory of
Mary Lizzie beloved daughter of Daniel and Johanna Campbell
Died Sept 21 1902 aged 17 yrs 9 mons
"May her soul rest in peace"
(These three stones together)

Mary Margaret died Feb 22 1909 aged 8 yrs
 Beloved daughter of Mary Steele
(A small broken stone, difficult to read)

In loving memory of
Jessie beloved wife of Alex? MacDonald 
Died Feb 4 ? aged 28 yrs
(broken stone)

In memory of 
Mary Fraser age 42 yrs died Sept 1902? 

In memory of
Mother Mrs Ann Fraser died Apr 16 1921 aged 86 yrs
"May she rest in peace"

Side 1John R. died 1906 aged 26 yrs
Side 2 In memory of
Margaret McLean wife of John Gunn
Died Nov 23 1896 aged 53 yrs
Broken stone)

In memory of
Mary Ann died 1898 aged 50 yrs
And their daughter Ellen Florence
Died Apr 24 1898 aged 13 yrs
"May their souls rest in peace"

In memory of
John beloved son of Edward and Elizabeth Kelly
Died May 5 1903 aged 22 yrs
"May his soul rest in peace"

Sisters of Charity
Sister Rose Angela Gillis died May 8 1959
Sister Frances DeChantel MacKee died Mar 30 1959
Sister Margaret Carmel Robertson died May 12 1965
Sister Francis Gonzaga Young died July 17 1956
Sister Paul Damian Carter died April 15 1954
"Rest in peace"
(large stone with concrete surrounding it)

In remembrance of my mother
Martha Rose 1880 - 1909
And wife of Bernard J. Dolomont 1877 - 1923
Erected by their son Aloysius 1967
(Large black newer stone)

In loving memory of
Angus McNeil died Feb 3 1903 age 63
His wife Jane MacPhee died Mar 18 1940
Son James A. died Dec 29 1959
P. Prenty
"My Jesus mercy"
(In front of Sisters of Charity)

In memory of
Annie Bourque died Jan 24 1903 age 55 yrs
"May her soul rest in peace"

Elizabeth B. aged 3 yrs
 Florence aged 2 days
 Dan Willie aged 12 days
 Perisa Marie aged 12 days
 Children of Angus and Isabell M. Steele
(Double headstone)

Side 1In memory of
Eliza Regina beloved wife of James White 
Died Nov 6 1929 aged 29 yrs
 Side 2 And infant child Michael died 1924
(Large grey stone)

In loving memory of
 Isabell daughter of Henry & Margaret Fraser
 Died Aug 28 1903 aged 38 yrs 9 mons
 "Rest in peace"

In memory of
 Margaret beloved daughter of Henry & Margaret Fraser
 Died Feb 11 1914 aged 41 yrs 9 mons
 "Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord
And let perpetual light shine upon her"
In memory of 
Henry Fraser died Oct 7 1915 aged 77 yrs

Side 1In memory of
Elizabeth Hickey 1847 - 1914 
"Rest in peace"
Side 2 In memory of
Alice Hickey 1851 - 1928
"Rest in peace"
Side 3 Blank
Side 4 In memory of
Margaret Hickey 1827 - 1920
"Rest in peace"

In memory of 
Holland Lawrence Holland 
Born at Sydney Mines April 20 
Died Feb 16 1912 aged 75 yrs 10 mons
"Eternal light grant unto him O Lord 
And let perpetual light shine upon him"
Holland In memory of
Lawrence Holland born at Halifax 1837
Died Apr 27 1902 aged 65 yrs

Father Archilbald D. Maclean 1860 - 1917 
"Rest in peace"
Mother Mary Bell MacLean 1878 - 1950
"Rest in peace"
(2 small stones)

In memory of
Joseph Connolly born 1888 died Dec 19 1967

Hector Joseph son of Michael & Mary McDonald 
Died May 1898 aged 4 mons
(small broken stone)

Rita Florence Jackman
Decedee le 13 Nov 1916 aged 32 mois

Neil MacIntyre died Nov 16 1922 aged 50 yrs
"Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on him"
(White stone embedded in gravel)

unreadable monument maker is C. E. Brook, Sydney

Marceline wife of Benjamin Landry 
Died Dec 6 1923 aged 102 yrs

 In memory of
Adolphus Camus died Mar 21 1919 aged 81 yrs
"Rest in peace"
(Broken stone)
(Child of) John & Jessie Camus
Died Oct 12 1903 aged 2 mos 12 days
Camus ?
............died April 11 1901 aged 3 yrs 5 mons & 16 days
Daughter of John & Jessie Camus

Adolphe Camus died Aug 9 1901 aged 68 yrs
"Rest in peace"
In memory of
Lucy Boutilier beloved wife of Adolphe Camus
Died Dec 26 1895 aged 69 yrs
(Stone engraved by C. E. Crook, Sydney)

In memory of 
Pansy McIssac beloved wife of Michael
Died Nov 27 1902 aged 63 yrs

Sacred to the memory of
John McMullin died Jan 31 1905 aged 45 yrs
"May his soul rest in peace"
In memory of
Elizabeth wife of John MacMullin
Sept 29 1846 - Dec 8 1939
"Rest in peace"
Mamie McMullin 1898 - 1918
"Rest in peace"
Katie McMullin 1902 - 1917
"Rest in peace" 

Stones lying by the side of the graveyard
T.D.,K. L. H.
Father, L.C.
Malcolm McIssac
B. H., I. F.
A. A. B. 1904, M. D.
J. D. Steele Oct 29 aged 72 G. E.

There is also a flat stone, writing may be on other side

Archibald died Oct
(Partial stone)

Partial stone buried

White stone lying flat, writing may be on other side

In loving memory of
Laughlin Livingston Apr 22 1905 age 45 yrs

Regis died Dec 8 1918 aged 15 mons
 Joseph died Sept 2 1900 aged 4 mons
 Children of Joseph & Annie
 "In Heaven"

In memory of
John beloved son of Ronald & Mary Steele
Died Oct 30 1901 aged 29 yrs

Erected by Ronald Steele
In memory of his beloved wife
Mary McDonald who died May 5 1902 aged 59 yrs

In memory of
Ronald Steele died July 18 1913 aged 80 yrs
Margaret O'Leary wife of Michael Steele
Died Dec 28 1914 aged 34 yrs
"Rest in peace"
 Erected by Michael Steele in memory of his wife and father

In memory of
Jessie beloved wife of _ M. McCormack 
Died May 9 190? aged 88 yrs
"Rest in peace"
Daughter Katie died Jun 27 1909 aged 12 yrs

Sisters of Charity (5 stones)
Tobin Sister Maria Loretta died Mar 29 1954
Mullen Sister Mary Josephine died Sept 2 1944
Smith Sister Maria Gonzaga Smith died Feb 9 1942
Siliguers Sister Mary Stanislaus died July 22 1940
Phoran Sister Maria Gertrude died Feb 20 1937

Side 1
Quieti et memorae
R. D.
Danielis A. Chisholm, D. D.
Quinto Kal Jan A. D. 1859
Ipsis Kal April A. D. 1888
Sacredos factos
Prisie Kal Mart A. D. 1905
Piisime animam ded reedit
Gratus Posuit populus
Pastori delicto
Side 2
Fond remembrance of the Rev Daniel Chisholm D.D.
Born Jan 9 1859 ordained Apr 1 1883
Died Feb 18 1905
Third pastor of this parish who passed into the life
Beyond young in years but ripe in learning and rich
In priestly virtues, this stone a pledge of enduring love
Erected by the parishioners.
Side 3
Guitheam sith dhat, a Charoid fois shiorruidh dha
D'Anam, agus solus gun d'ibir dearrsadh ort.

Rev B. M. Mullins born at South Bar 1861 ordained at Quebec
1885 died Parish priest at North Sydney 1908

Side 1 In memory of dear father and affectionate husband
David 1843 - 1913
His wife Johanna 1851 - 1927
"Rest in peace"
Side 2 In memory of
Eliza J. beloved wife of James F. MacNeil
1882 - 1914
David S. Hartigan 1880 - 1916
William J. Hartigan 1873 - 1955
Side 3 In memory of
Helen M. MacNeil May 21 1914 - Sept 11 1996
Side 4 James F. MacNeil died Feb 11 1939 aged 60 yrs
Katherine L. Hartigan Oct 30 1884 - July 13 1961
Footstones "Mother", "Father", "Eliza", "David" and "Helen M."

Anthony F. Gannon died Apr 3 1911 aged 52 yrs
"Let perpetual light shine upon him"

Edward V. died Feb 25 1946 aged 69 yrs
His wife Dora Cogan died May 26 1940 aged 66 yrs

Erected by Ellen Burke in memory of her loving niece
Marion Griffin a native of St. John N. B.
Died at North Sydney Nov 6 1893 aged 17 yrs
"Requiescant in pace"

In memory of her loving husband
 James Burke a native of St John N. B. 
 Died at North Sydney Dec ?

In memory of
 Ellen beloved wife of James Burke
 Oct 11 1908 aged 76 yrs

Celina Le Clair wife of Arthur 1863 - 1943
"Rest in peace"

In memory of
 Bridget beloved daughter of Patrick and Catherine
 Died Dec 8 1898 aged 26 yrs

In memory of
Margaret Donahoe wife of Arthur Gannon
Born at Sydney Mines 28 Oct 1841
Died at North Sydney 29 March 1912 aged 70 yrs 5 mons
"May she rest in peace"

In memory of Mary beloved wife of Joseph Gannon
Died Dec 11 1896 aged 37 yrs
Also his son Joseph Patrick died Dec 23 1880 aged 3 yrs 4 mons
(Large stone)
Bridget 1870 - 1897
Daniel J. Gannon 1869 - 1898
(Small stone)
2 other small stones are broken

William John beloved son of William and Ellen
Died Sept 26 1895 aged 10 yrs

William died 1912 aged 77 yrs

John J. 1899 - 1949
Thelma M. 1909 - 1983
"Ever remembered ever loved"

In memory of Canada's smallest baby
Infant son of John & Thelma MacGuillivray
(Born) June 6 1937 died Feb 15 1940

Alexis died Feb 29 1924 aged 36 yrs
"Rest in peace"

(No other information)
Footstones "Mary T.1886 - 1973"
"Arthur 1857 - 1923"
"Annie 1884 - 1899"
"Florence B. wife of V. F. Clifford 1899 - 1941"
"Joseph B. 1890 - 1950"

Thomas H. 1865 - 1933
His wife Maud Phoran 1873 - 1912

Martin J. born Aug 29 1834 died Sept 29 1913
His wife Margaret H. Hamilton 
Born Aug 18 1833 died Dec 30 1919
	"Rest in peace"

Base of stone

(large grey stone)

Side 1 Catherine Harrington died Oct 27 1936 aged 70 yrs
Side 2 Annie E. Williams died Apr 30 1914 aged 50 yrs
 Mary MacDougall died Jun 2 1906 aged 29 yrs
Side 3 Angus MacDougall died Mar 21 1902 aged 66 yrs
 And his wife Flora McDonald 
 Died Jun 2 1914 aged 78 yrs
Footstones "Father", "Mother", "Mary", "Mrs A.E.W." and "Mrs C.H."

In memory of
James Swanson born Shetland Island, Scotland
Died Aug 8 1904 aged 60 yrs

In memory of
Elias died Dec 26 1914 aged 68 yrs

In memory of
Matilda Florence 
Daughter of Cpt Angus R. & Flora McDonald Souris PEI
Died Jan 12 1907 aged 20 yrs				

In memory of
Susan beloved wife of William Quirk
Died May 16 1907 aged 42 yrs
"Rest in peace"

In memory of
 Susan beloved wife of David					
 Died Mar 10 1916 aged 63 yrs
 "Rest in peace"

Scattered broken stones
Catherine Maud Lemoine 1876 - 1974

Side 1 In memory of
Emily K. wife of J.P.Brennan
Died June 10 1909 in her 64th year
"Requiescant in pace"
Side 2 John P. Brennan born at Chatham N.B. May 4 1854
Died Oct 21 1916

Sarah Josephine child of John & Frances?Dooley
Died May 7 1891 9 months

Lt Thomas L. Brennan RAF 16th Oct 1918
Son of John P. and Emily K. Brennan born Aug 5 1887

In memory of
Thomas born at Dublin Ireland Apr 12 1825
Died at North Sydney Aug 4 1900
"May his soul and the souls of the faithfully departed,
Through the mercy of God, rest in peace"

In memory of
Louise E, Trapnell wife of Thomas Brennan
Born at Harbor Grace Nfld Oct 24 1837
Died at North Sydney June 17 1911

Side 1 In memory of
John D. MacNeil born at Boisdale C.B. Oct 21 1848
Died Aug 5 1908 
His wife Christy Ann 
Born at Boisdale C.B. May 24 1851
Died Dec 28 1906
"Shin robh ain fois un aibh"
Side 2 Adeline daughter of John D. and Christy A. MacNeil
Born Feb 26 1878 died Mar 7 1899

Pte Richard 1888 - 1937
193 BN CEF

In memory of
Emma daughter of Edward and Mary Smith
Died June 16 1913 aged 12 yrs

In loving memory of
Stephen Smith Aug 10 1856 - Aug 4 1939
His wife Grace A Dolomont Nov 1 1863 
"Rest in peace"

Base of stone

Child of Alexander & Margaret 
Died Mar 15 1905 aged 10 yrs

Peter Madore died Nov 9 1884 aged 57 yrs
Also his wife Mary aged 80 yrs 1902?
 "Rest in peace"
Cornelius Hickey died May 4 1909 aged 82 yrs
His wife Margaret died Nov 15 1911 aged 81 yrs

In memory of
Elizabeth beloved wife of R. Gillis
Died 19 Dec 1887 aged 25 yrs
Also John Murdoch infant son of Ronald & Elizabeth Gillis 
"Rest in peace"

Broken stone.Looks like "James" Mar?Nov age 55 yrs"

Mrs Mary Ann Collins 1857 - 1939
"Rest in peace"

Esther Collins died Apr 7 1912
And her brother James died Sept 3 1911

Henry F. died Mar 29 1930 aged 70 yrs
 And his wife Annie died Mar 10 1951 aged 88 yrs

John Forest died Jun 20 1900 aged 87 yrs
 His son Joseph Lovell died May 12 1922 aged 70 yrs
 Irene daughter of H.F. and Annie Lovell
 Died July 1832 aged 2 yrs

In memory of
Sarah beloved wife of Thomas Murphy 
Died May 9 1919 age 64 yrs

In memory of
Lena daughter of John & Catherine
Died May 8 1908 aged 17 yrs
Also her sister Florence died Oct 8 1880 4 mons

In memory of
Annie daughter of John & Christy McKinnon
Died May 20 1879 aged 6 yrs 9 mons

In memory of
Marin Veronica daughter of (illegible)

John died July 11 1873 aged 59 yrs
Also his wife Catherine McNeil died Sept 26 1891 aged 80 yrs

In memory of
Mary beloved wife of Nicholas Tobin
Died Feb 10 1911 aged 78 yrs

Nicholas died Oct 4 1890 aged 57 yrs

In memory of
Richard Henry beloved son of Nicholas & Mary Tobin
Died Feb 20 1890 aged 23 yrs
"Rest in peace"

Edward 1844 - 1918
His wife Theresa 1838 - 1911
Their daughter Catherine Janet 1872 - 1890
Angus John MacDonald 1873 - 1876
John MacDonald 1875

Bridget beloved wife of Richard Hickey
Died 1882 Mar 13 age 22 yrs
"Let perpetual light shine on her"
(A broken stone next to this one, probably Richard)

Sacred to the memory of 
? June 19 age 32
(Broken stone)

Margaret (wife) of the late John Durney died Jan 30 1902

Erected by Margaret O'Brian
In memory of her late husband
Patrick O'Brian native of Mull _ County, Tipperary Ireland
Died Jun 1 1862 aged 71 yrs

In memory of
Capt Dennis Egan born in Trinity Nfld
Died at North Sydney Oct 3 1898 aged 67 yrs

George Edwards 1829 - 1912
His wife Mary A. O'Brian 1842 - 1918

Jane beloved wife of Charles McNeil
A native of Scotland who departed this life
Sept 17 1887 aged 57 yrs
"May her soul rest in peace"

In memory of
 James beloved son of Pat & Isabella Scully
 A native of Ballyscully Co Derry Ire
 Died Nov 25 1851 aged 13 yrs 10 mon

In memory of our dear parents
Catherine born Dingle,County Kerry, Ire
Died Mar 7 1902 aged 72 yrs
William born Clashmore County Waterford Ire
Died Mar 6 1867 aged 53 yrs

Baby Ormond 3 yrs 6 mons
Catherine Ormond aged 10 mons

Charles died Feb 12 1911 aged 89 yrs

Bridget wife of Daniel Desmond (dates unreadable)

Jeremiah beloved son of Daniel & Winifred Desmond
Feb 1890

Toppled stone

Another toppled stone

In memory of
 The RevDavid Vinbe born North Sydney Nov 23 18?
Ordained Priest in Antigonish Aug 16 189?
Died in North Sydney Apr 2 190?

Fallen stone, 3 sides visible, writing must be on fourth side

In memory of
Mary 1885 

Theresa E. Phoran
Daughter of Thomas and Anastasia
Died Apr 14 1908 aged 64 yrs

James died Jun 6 1900 aged 31 yrs

Buried in this cemetery but with no headstones

Children of Joseph Gouthreau and Mary Sophia White
Herbert born Feb 16 1903 died Mar 7 1903 
Maurice Bernard born June 7 1908 died Aug 27 1908
Margaret born Aug 8 1917 died Aug 8 1917 (3 hours old)

Also child of David and Marie (Gouthreau) Dinaut
Infant 1942

Brothers, could be spelled Braders, child buried between 1900 - 1905

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Contributed by Debbie MacKinnon & Beverly Darby-Brown

Created 8 September 1998