Catholic Cemetery, Beech Street, Sydney Mines

Beech Street, Sydney Mines, Cape Breton County, NS

Recorded by Candace Boudreau. Typed by Beverly Darby-Brown.

This cemetery belongs to Immaculate Conception Church, Sydney Mines. The oldest stone is dated 1876. There are only 17 stones left standing, however, in a medium size cemetery.

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In memory of

John Roderick beloved son of John & Mary Connolly

Died July 29 1900 aged 21 yr 7 mo

"Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord

And let perpetual light shine upon him"


Matthew infant son of Sarah & Charles Hart

Died May 18 1888 aged 7 yr

"Rest in peace"


Sarah Beloved wife of Charles

(Rest is illegible)


Margaret wife of John Haggerty

(This is written on base, top of stone is gone)


George 1860 - 1900 

(Footstone only, Stone is turned over)


Alex McAulay died 1883 aged 77 yr

(Large stone toppled over and sitting on its side)


In memory of

Julia McArthur 1838 - 1935


Margaret T. d Jan 31 1880

Patrick Meeham (died) June 28 1886

(Small stone toppled over and broken)


In loving memory of

Sylvester born in County Kerry, Ireland

Died May 4 1908 age 92 yr

"Meet me in heaven"


William born in Sydney Mines Oct 3 1819

Died Aug 1 1901

Loughnan (or Louchnan)

Side 1: Sacred to the memory of 

John Loughnan (or Louchnan) VC 

As humble , pius, modest priest who practiced what he

preached and died as he lived that is in and with the Lord.

Side 2: Very Reverend John Loughnan (or Louchnan) VC

Was born in the diocese of Gloyne Ireland AD 1786 was

ordained priest Boetch__ Cheverie Nov 2 1824.  Labored

with zeal and success in Cuver_, Halifax, South Sydney

and North Sydney where he died 7th Nov 1876 in the 68th

year of his priesthood aged 92 yrs.


Side 1:  Pray for Donald MacPherson died Apr 4 1884 

And his wife Ann MacNeil died May 24 1909

"Fois sh iorruidh thoir dhaibh,  a thighcarna,

Agus solus siorruidh deairsadh orra"

Gaelic translated to English by Hector MacNeil, Gaelic College:

"Give to them eternal peace O Lord and shine eternal light upon them"

Side 2: Pray for their children:

Angus MacPherson died Sept 19 1905

James died Aug 8 1897

Mrs Mary Hudson died Feb 6 1953

Mrs Annie Merritt died Nov 20 1938

Mrs Christie MacDonald died Dec 16 1955

John died July 22 1955

Rt Rev Monsignor Donald died Aug 1 1959

Mrs Sarah Rawding died Sept 19 1940


Ellen Dunlop beloved wife of James Diggins

Died Feb 28 1884 age 37 yr

"Eternal light grant her O Lord

And let perpetual light shine upon her"


In loving memory of

Mary A. McArthur beloved wife of Thomas McNamara

Born at Argyle Scotland Aug 1 1820

Died at Sydney Mines Mar 10 1920

"May her soul rest in peace"


In memory of

Thomas McNamara born in Charlottetown PEI May 8 1822

Died June 1888

Erected by his daughter Margaret


Mary McDonald wife of Allan McNamara

Died Aug 17 1897 age 23 yr


James beloved son of Elizabeth & John Campbell

Died May 17 1891 age 1 yr

"Rest in peace"


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Contributed by Candace Boudreau & Beverly Darby-Brown

Created 27 July 1998