McCarthy (or McArthur) Cemetery

Pond Road, Sydney Mines, Cape Breton County, NS

Recorded byCandace Boudreau and Beverly Darby-Brown

This is a really old Catholic cemetery located off Pond Road and some distance in the woods, on property now owned by Fifoots. The owner of the property says he remembers there being at least 13 stones in the cemetery. We found only these seven. A lot of vandalism has occurred and the stones that are left are in very poor condition.

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(Name unreadable)
Born Aug 3 1873 (Died) Feb 23 1899 age 26 yr 6 mo 20 days
Erected by father

Mary McArthur
Born in Scotland 1817 Died Apr 20 1913

Allan McArthur
Born in Canna (Scotland) 1767
Came to this country with his wife and family in 1827
Died in Sydney Mines in 1840

Catherine McDonald
born in Arran Scotland 1792
Died in Sydney Mines May 18 1869

Archibald McArthur
born in Canna Scotland Dec 18 1821
Died at Sydney Mines 1907 
"Rest in peace"

Beloved wife Annie
died Apr 16 1878 age 42 yr
"may her soul rest in peace"
Their children: Lauchlin born July 4 1859 died Oct 14 1860
                Charles born May 10 1861 died Jan 14 1862
              Mary born Nov 24 1862 died Dec 14 1876
                      Joseph born Mar 14 1875 (death date unreadable)
              James born Apr 14 1875 died July 14 18?

John Mc_ 1857 - ?
(We only found a piece of this stone)

According to Sharon MacLean who has access to St. Pius X records
the last person buried in this cemetery was

Elizabeth Ada MacNamara
Died Dec 11 1954 age 88 yr
(No headstone)


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Contributed by Candace Boudreau & Beverly Darby-Brown

Created 27 July 1998