Old St. John's Cemetery


Est. 1855

This Cemetery is located on the McCharles Cross road in Big Baddeck,N.S.From the overpass on Highway 105 (TCH) travel 3.2 kms. to the intersection of McCharles Cross. Turn right and travel .7 kms. to the second road on the left. This is the Cemetery access road,which has a gate across it. Park your vehicle and walk into the cemetery ( 5 min. )

This transcription was done by R.Muggah in June 1998. All stones were recorded except three that had fallen over and were buried in the grass and top soil. The majority of stones have fallen over and shortly will be covered by the sod. 15 years ago every stone was as the day it was placed there. The transcription was done in order, starting at the back fence, right to left, then next row, left to right, etc. There are only 1 full row and 3 partial rows on the left side of the cemetery.

Surnames on the stones:

Anderson, Bradley, Cain, Foyle, Jones, Marks, Muggah, Rowe, Sparling, Watson.

Surnames on a cenotaph placed here:

Anderson, Archibald, Crowdis, Kennedy.

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(Masonic emblem)

In Loving Memory of
Father            Mother

James R.          Jean L.
1918--1978        1921--    

Marks 1941 Anna Norma Smith 1979

Gnr.William R. Rowe 1920---------1996 R.C.A. C.A. LEST WE FORGET

CAIN In Memory of ARTHUR CAIN 1871 1942 LETITIA E. CAIN 1873 1946 CATHERINE A.CAIN 1868 1955

In Memory of ANNIE M. CAIN 1834 1903

In Memory of Wm.H.Cain Died June 23,1908 Aged 77 yrs. Also His Wife Elizabeth Died Mar.18,1910 Aged 79 Yrs.

In Memory of Annie C. Cain Born Feb.9th,1870 Died April 28,1890 Aged 20 years,2 months and 19 days

In memory of James Cain born at Cumberland Nova Scotia June 7 1789.Died Baddeck,C.B. Sept.8,1869. Aged 80 years. Also his wife Annie Muggah born at Sydney,C.B. Nov. 19 1797 Died at Baddeck,C.B. April 8,1870 Aged 73 years

Erected to the memory of Lydia C.Cain Born at Baddeck Feb.19,1833 Died Feb.13,1907

Robert P. Anderson 1815 1897 Cornelia R.Cain 1822 1875 James 1847 1896 John C. 1862 1883

In loving rememberence of Jessie Watson wife of Andrew Anderson died at Big Baddeck,C.B. May 1893 Aged 52 Years ( not legible) Also Andrew William infant son of Jessie and Andrew Anderson born Feb. 13 died Apr.10,1873

Andrew Anderson 1839 1915 Jessie Watson his wife 1841 1893


Robert Anderson                   married July 19,1796        
Catherine Kennedy                                             

Alexander Anderson                July 8,1797 - Aug.10,1881   
Ann Crowdis                       Apr.29,1818 - Aug.10,1881   

Alexander Anderson                Aug.22,1859 - May 25,1925   
Susan Archibald                   Sept. 24,1860 - June 14,1947

Percivale William                 July 7,1895 - Oct.28,1917   
                                     ( Killed in Action )     

Lila May                          Feb. 2,1888 - Apr. 2,1888   
Minerva Blanche                   Feb. 10,1889 - May 22,1981  
Caroline Gladys                   June 14,1891 - July 15,1975 
James Archibald                   Jan. 29,1894 - Apr. 30,1964 
Fred MacDonald                    Feb. 28,1898 - Oct. 11,1927 
Muriel Grace Alexander            Nov. 6,1904 - May 7,1976    

Our Parents

Thomas Foyle

April 6,1882
Aged 63 years

Also his wife


Died April 9,1870
Aged 47 yrs.

Erected to the memory of Eleanor wife of Thomas Foyle daughter of the late Peter Sparling born at Halifax,N.S. Died Nov. 4, 1858 Aged 65 years

Erected by his widow Elenor Foyle and sons to the memory of THOMAS FOYLE Who was born in the county of Dorchester Parish,and town of Winbourn,England On the 15th.Mar.1777 And died on the 12th of Aug. 1855

( top broken on stone ) ___________ Jones Died on the 19th. day of April,A.D. 1886 Aged 41 years

William Jones Died Sept.18,1880 Aged 79 years

Catherine wife of William Jones died Feb. 18,1888 Aged 78 years

In memory of WILLIAM JONES who died July 24,1867 aged 30 years MARY died June 30,1865 aged 26 years ROBERT died nov.17,1866 aged 31 years sons and daughter of William and Catherine Jones

Erected by William & Catherine Jones to the memory of their beloved daughter CATHERINE ANN who departed this life May 10,1857 aged 25 years

In memory of Robert A. son of William & Ann FOYLE died July 5,1868 aged 5 years

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Contributed by Ross Muggah

Created 16 June 1998