St.George's Church Cemetery

The following is a compilation of the tombstone inscriptions of St. George's Anglican Church, Sydney, N.S. It was done about 40 years ago, when these stones were still standing. There may be many more gravesites here, but there were no markers. The original transcription was the work of a committee of St. George's Church; I can take no credit for this work, other than for the copying of it to this page. Ross Muggah


The inscriptions are as follows:


Sacred To the Memory of Rupert D.Dodd Barrister at Law Died Oct. 28 1875 Aged 28 years     Sacred To the Memory of Edmund Murray son of the Honorable Justice Dodd. died March 12th 1862 Aged 27 years   Sacred To the Memory of Honorable Edmund Murray Dodd, Justice of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia Died July 24 A.D. 1876 Aged 80 years   Sacred To the Memory of Caroline Marie Dodd Woidow of the late Hon. Mr. Justice Dodd Born Sept. 21. 1809 Died 13th of May,1900 "He Giveth His Beloved Sleep"   Sacred To the Memory of Capt. Don Dodd Son of the Honorable Justice Dodd Died 11 May. 1883 Aged 44 years "Sad Night Brings Glorious Morrow"   In memory of Richard Bradford who departed this life May 14, 1885 Aged 48 years, and 6 months   In memory of Dear Abbie Beloved wife of S. Nicholson,Esq. of Gabarus,C.B. Died Nov. 23. 1867 Aged 39 years   To the memory of William Richard Bown Who died Sept. 14. 1840 Aged 40 years   Memory of Kate The Beloved and Devoted Wife of N.L.MacKay, M.P. and daughter of Edward D. Bown,Esq. Who died Oct. 15th. A.D.1874 Aged 26 years   In memory of Ann M. Bown Born 9. Feb. 1796 Died 2. Aug. 1880   In memory of Henery V. Bown Died July 20, 1892 Aged 81 years "One less on Earth It's pain, it's sorrow and it's toil to share One less the Pilgrims daily cross to bear One more the Crown of the Blessed to wear One more "at home" in Heaven"   In Memoriam Robert J. Ingraham Died Nov. 18th.1880 Aged 42 years   In memory of Irene Ivy Died Sept.1st. 1881 Aged 11 months, 19 days Infant daughter of R.J. & C.L. Ingraham   In memory of Edith Blanche Infant daughter of R.J. & C.L. Ingraham Aged 6 weeks & 6 days Died May 14th. 1875   Mary Anne daughter of Capt. Hector MacLean and Ella, his wife Died in Christian Faith March 7th, A.D. 1878 and was interred March 8th, 1878   Our Dear Little Beatrice   In memory of Susan Helen Pooley daughter of Mr. Justice Dodd Died Dec. 29th, 1871 Aged 32 years   In Loving Rememberance of William Routledge Died Feb. 7th. 1895 Aged 65 years "Now the laborers task is done"   Sacred to the memory of Mary, wife of W. Routledge Late of Shinecliff near Durham, England who died at Lingan Mines,C.B. on June 20th, 1866 Aged 35 years   Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Routledge only daughter of M. Routledge of Colby Place Sydney born at Shinecliff near Durham,England, Oct 25th 1857 died at Colby Place,Sydney, Oct 11th 1881 Aged 24 years   William Hayward Died July 15, 1874 Aged 39 years   In memory of Frank C. Beloved son of M. & Emily McDougall Died June 29th, 1877 Aged 5 years and 7 months   Erected to the memory of Mary Sullivan, wife of William Sullivan She departed this life April 17th, 1819 Aged 73 years   Francis T.J. born 5 April, 1839 Drowned March 5th, 1851   Henrietta born July 18th, 1843 Died Sept. 10th, 1843   Children of the Rev. W.Y. & Anne Porter.   In memory of Captn. Thomas Townsend Died at Sydney Oct. 13th, 1886 Aged 19 years   In memory of Captn. George Townsend Died st Sydney July 21st, 1890 Aged 78 years   In Memory of Mary A. wife of David Burton who died Jan. 1st, 1885 Aged 42 years   Our Baby April 26,1889   In Memory of Ann The dearly beloved wife of Arthur Wichtman Died Feb. 18th, 1874 Aged 36 years   Also of Sydney. Roy, son of the above born Jan. 2nd., 1871 Died April 30, 1871   In memory of Matilda B. Beloved wife of Charles Pass who departed this life Oct. 26th 1876 Aged 25 years   Note: There is also another Mrs. Pass buried here,who was a Miss Flonair,second wife of the above Charles Pass. In memory of Robert Martin Eldest son of N.H. Martin,Esq. Born at St. Peters,C.B. Feb. 23, 1828 Died at Sydney, April 10th, 1903 Revelation VII. 16 & 17   Sacred to the Memory Nicholas Henry Martin Born in Ireland   In memory of Charles A. Martin Died Feb. 9th, 1879 Aged 42 years AT REST ( son of Nicholas Henry Martin )   In memory of Henry Muggah Sr. Born May 6, 1816 Died Jan. 14, 1900 Gone but not forgotten   In memory of Mary Muggah Dec. 3, 1885 Aged 62 years and 8 months   In memory of Captain William Muggah Died Sept. 1, 1882 Aged 78 yrs. and 8 months Also their son John William Muggah July 5, 1881 Aged 22 years and 6 months   Edgar S. Stirling Died __________,1888 Aged 40 years "Neither shall there be any more pain"   Eddie Son of Edgar and Augusta Stirling Died Sept. 1 , 1875 Aged 15 years and 6 months   In loving memory of Mabel Eldest daughter of Edgar S. and Augusta Stirling Died July 15, 1886 Aged 10 years and 6 months   In memory of Napoleon Gibbons Born June 17, 1822 Died March 20, 1881 "In Hope"   "At Rest" Mary Jane Gibbons Widow of Napoleon Gibbons 1826 ___________ 1899   In memory of Octavia The beloved wife of D.J. ________,Esq. and daughter of Richard Gibbons,Esq., who was born April 6,1808 and died Dec. 2, 1884 Aged 76 years   Here lies the remains of William Blakbun who departed this life A.D. 1791 In the 35th year of his age "Not lost,but gone before"   In memory of Mary third daughter of Isaac & Elizabeth Rigby of Halifax,N.S. who died on the 9th December 1837 aged 10 years and 8 months   In memory of Edith daughter of John & Annie Lorway Died Jan. 12, 1878 - 8 months   Sacred to the memory of Anna Maria Cox who departed this life on the 28th of August, 1809 Aged 56 years and To the memory of William Cox,Esq. who departed this life on the 2nd of June, 1827 Aged 77 years   Sacred to the memory of Peter Hall Clarke who departed this life at Sydney,C.B. July 16th 1863 Aged 44 years This tablet is rected in affectionate rememberance by his widow   sacred to the memory of Mrs.Frances Clarke widow of the late J.B. Clarke,Esq. who departed this life August 23rd, 1824 Aged 64   Also Richard J.D. Clarke Died August 25, 1827 Aged 10 years France Ann Clarke Died March 3rd, 1827 Aged 7 years James P. Clarke Died September 4, 1827 Aged 4 years   Sacred to the memory of Ann,wife of James Brown, who departed this life May 24th, 1835 Aged 37 years   Sacred to the memory of James Brown who departed this life, Nov. 23rd, 1830 Aged 37 years   Sacred to the memory of John Gordon ________Private Aged 25 years In His Majesty's 61st Regiment of foot who was drowned while bathing on the 21st of July, 1842 This stone was erected by John James Esq.,Capt., of 61st Regiment Commanding detachments, Sydney,C.B.   Sacred To the Memory of Honorable William McKinnon Late Secretary Registrar and Clerk of Council for the Island of Cape Breton who departed this life the 13th of April 1811   In Memory of John T. MacKinnon Born at North Sydney,C.B. 9th Jan. 1830. Died at Glace Bay,C.B. 27 July, 1883 Also His father John T. MacKinnon Born at St.Ing. -- South Carolina 25 March 1785 Died at North Sydney,C.B. 14 March 1863 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so shew also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. 1 Theos. IV,II   In Loving Memory of Thomas LeGras Died Aug.17,1879 Aged 43 years Also his beloved wife Mary Died Oct. 3, 1896 Aged 50 years Aand their son,Verner Died at St. Pierre Miq. July 1888   In memory of Annie Wife of John Muggah Daughter of John and Cornelia Maloney Died Dec. 17, 1830 Aged 54 years, 8 months Also her son George Lost at sea Aaug 17, 1831 Aged 26 years, 6 months   In memory of John Muggah A native of Banffshire, Scotland Died June 10, 1826 Aged 68 years, 11 months   In memory of Richard Burke Died 1830 Aged 36 years Also his widow Cornelia Died July 22,1822 Aged 29 years   Here lies the body of Rachel Louis Who departed this life the 29th of December 1882 Aged 25 years, 4 months and 9 days   In memory of John Lorway who departed this life at Sydney,C.B. Aug. 18, 1869 Aged 78 years   In memory of Rachel the beloved wife of the late John Lorway who departed this life Sept. 20,1875 Aged 74 years   In memory of James Lorway who departed this life Jan. 24,1875 Aged 44 years   In memory of Mary the beloved wife of the late John Muggah who departed this life May 28,1875 Aged 83 years   Sacred to the Memory of Capt. George Harley Love of the 52nd Regiment who departed this life on the 10th day of February, 1829 Aged 39 years   Erected To The Memory of Richard Stout, Esq. Many years Senior Member of his Majesties Council for this Island who departed this life Oct.26, 1820 Aged 64 years   To the memory of Martha wife of the Hon. Richard Stout Born March 21, 1760 Died June 27,1838 This stone is erected by her daughter. The memory of the just is blessed.   Erected To the memory of Margaret Mary Clarke daughter of P.H. Clarke,Esq. and Mary,his wife Died 12th Nov.,1829 Aged 4 years   At Rest In Memory of Fannie beloved wife of John G. Townsend Died Jan.22,1882 Aged 43 years "Gone, but not forgotten."   To the beloved memory of Phillip Sherwood only son of Phillip and Susan Weston Dodd Died Dec. 14, 1848 Aged 13 years and 8 months -- Blessed are the poor in heart, for they sha;; see God. St.Matthew V.7   To the Memory of Susan Weston the beloved wife of Phillip S. Dodd and daughter of the late Alexander Haire Died 17 April 1876 Aged 62 years   John George Marshall, Jun. died 23rd January 1832 in the 19th year of his age.   This stone is erected by Daniel Thompson in memory of his beloved wife,Jane Thompson who departed this life August 8,1843 Aged 26 years Also his chils Isabella Aged 14 days While over these dear remains affection weeps A voice proclaims, They are not dead but sleeps Jesus again descending from the skyes Shall break their slumbers,saying "Redeemed arise."   In Memory of Daniel Thompson a native of Ceria,Tyrone County,Ireland Born June 19, 1815 Drowned at Halifax,N.S. June 27,1864 Aged 49 years   In memory of Helen Anderson or Challones who died June 15, 1854 Aged 52 years   In loving memory of James Putman Ward Born at Sydney C.B. Aug. 30th, 1825 Died April 6th, 1872 Martha Bown Haire wife of James P. Ward 1827 _________1912   In memory of Henrietta beloved wife of T. Routledge Died Aug. 11, 1879 Aged 22 years   In loving memory of Louise M. Townsend beloved wife of Albert Carman who died at Winnipeg 27th Nov. 1888 "Asleep in Jesus"   Sacred To the memory of Isable B. wife of Charles E. Leonard,Esq. who died Oct. 1855 "Her end was peace."   In memory of Sarah Austin who died Nov. 20 1846 Aged 1 day Ssusan E. Maude who died May 5,1855 Aged 1 year 12 days children of Edward P. and Susan Archibald Two lovely flowers at Morning hours Bloom'd sweetly on their parent stem But ere the day had died away We saw no more these beautiful gems.   Sacred To the Memory of Rev. Wm. Y. Porter born at Scarsborough,Yorkshire 1808 and lost his life by falling through the ice,near N.Sydney. Feb. 21, 1859 He labored for many years in this Island as a faithful and diligent minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This tablet was erected by his various congregations as a token of respect for his many virtues. Franci born 5 April 1839 Drowned March 1851 Henrietta born July 18th, 1843 died Sept. 10th, 1843 Children of W.Y. and Anne Porter   In Memory of Catherine McNiven daughter of Alexander McNiven native of Islay who departed this life 25th July 1833 Aged 14 years and 7 months "Give ear all yee that do pass by As you are now so once was I But as I am you soon shall be Prepare for death and follow me."   Sacred To The Memory of Phillip Sherwood Dodd,Esq. who was born on the 16th July 1806 and died on the 30 of November 1882 in the 77 year of his age.

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Contributed by St. George's Church & Ross Muggah
Created 12 June 1998