Historical Presbyterian Cemetery

Shore Road, Sydney Mines, Cape Breton County, NS

Listing done by Beverly Darby-Brown
NOTE: Regarding the spellings Lenerkshire, Uuist, and Hutchieson. These are not typos...they appear on the stones. Corrections are welcome.

The cemetery is located at the top of Greeners Hill between Archibald's old house, now Gowrie House (B&B), and a small historical property house which, I am told, used to be a post office in the early days of Sydney Mines.

Most of the stones have been moved into a semi-circle. Several are so old and worn there is no inscription left to read. On one all that is readable is "July 1878" and another says "Here lies dear little Maggie". On a third all that is still visible is "John Scott". One piece of headstone (found in front of one of the pillars) reads "P McK Jr.". There are three pillar monuments (listed at the end) and in front of these there are several small upright stones.

Since most of the stones in this cemetery are very difficult to read, if anyone is interested in any paticular inscriptions, I can go back and re-check the names and dates for accuracy.

A number of stones show deaths in 1885. There was a diptheria epidemic that year. Matthew Wilson seems to have been a very well- liked person. Many later Presbyterian children were called after him.

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               (Large Stone at front of cemetery)

       Site of the first Presbyterian Church and Cemetery

                         dedicated 1840

The remains of the first minister Rev Matthew Wilson who served the 

            congregation from 1842 - 1883 rest here.

To the memory of those early settlers of this town the restoration 

             of these grounds in 1973 is dedicated.

             "This mortal shall put on immortality"

                         (reverse side)

     This marker placed through the efforts of A.A. MacLeod

             born Boularderie Island April 2, 1902 

                   died Toronto March 13 1970 

 A native son who loved Cape Breton its history and its people.

                            Erected by

                        Margaret McGregor

                       in memory of her ?

                 __GUS M__I_NN (Angus McInnis?)

                 who was killed in Sydney Mines

                           Mar 23 1862

                     Sacred to the memory of

                          Neal McAskill

                         died Dec 4 1866

                          age 29 years

"Dearest brother thou hast left us and thy loss we deeply feel but

tis God that has bereft us He can all our sorrows heal"

                           Erected by

                        Margaret Clarkson

                 in memory of her beloved father

               died dec 19 1871 aged 60 yrs 3 mos

                 Native of Lenerkshire Scotland


                           her mother

                   died oct 30 1855 age 34 yrs

      (additional but illegible script on bottom of stone)

                           Erected by

                           Agnes Scott

                    in memory of her husband

                          Robert Scott

             who died Dec 11 (looks like 1817) age ?


                         their daughters


                     Sacred to the memory of

                         William Murray

             native of Dornoch _land Shire Scotland

             who departed this life March 21 ? 18_1

                        in his 74th year

                          In memory of

                        Jane Hardy Murray

                  a native of Aberdeen Scotland

                   died May 16 1888 age 89 yrs


                        Donald Wm Murray

                         who was drowned

                      Oct 28 1883 age 26 yr

                          In memory of

                          Alex MacInnis

                   died June 6 1888 age 34 yrs


                       Catherine MacInnis

                   died Oct 9 1882 age 21 yrs

                          In memory of

                          John McInnis

                   died Feb 3 1891 age 27 yrs




                          William James

           beloved children of John and Sarah McInnis

                     Sacred to the memory of

                       Sophia Jane Coleman

               beloved wife of George B. Ingraham

           who died March 14 1874 aged 21 years 2 mos

     "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God"

                          In memory of

                         Bennet Dickson

              died Aug 5 1846 age 6 yrs 26 (days?)

                       Caroline A. Frances

                 died Feb 5 18_ age 10 yrs 8 mos

                          Albert Elliot

                died Feb 19 1864 age 3 yrs 2 mos

                 children of L. and Ann Ingraham

                       In loving memory of


                beloved wife of John L. Ingraham

                who died Sept 4 1883 aged 70 yrs


                       In loving memory of

                          John Ingraham

                   died Dec 21 1883 age 72 yrs

                    Erected to the memory of


                   beloved wife of James Brown

                born Oct 31 1847 died Sep 15 1884

                       and their children

                Margaret died Jan 30 1870 13 mos

               Frederick Wm died Sep 21 1884 1 mos

             Sarah Jane died Nov 20 1885 7 yrs 2 mos

                  Hanna Dec 25 1885 5 yrs 7 mos

                          In memory of

                           John Brown

                   died Dec 3 1889 aged 37 yrs

                           Henry Brown

                  died Nov 27 1875 age 7? yrs

                          In memory of

                         William Murray

                    a native of Halifax, N.S.

                   died Nov 8 1867 age 45 yrs

                         My dear mother

                    in loving remembrance of


                     widow of Hugh Mackinnon

                        died Dec 23 1865

                           age 37 yrs

                           Dear Father

                    in loving remembrance of

                         Hugh MacKinnon

                           (who died)

                    Sydney Mines Cape Breton

                          Oct 27 1863?

                           age 45 yrs

                   Erected in sacred memory of

                       Christian Scoul___


                          March 29 18__

                        native of Glasgow

                    Erected to the memory of

                         John Hutchieson

                      died at Sydney Mines

                           Dec 7 1881

                           aged 78 yrs

                 native of Renfrewshire Scotland


                             his son


                     killed by an explosion

                          May 22 1879?

                           aged 22 yrs

                       In loving memory of

                         Robert Gentile


                  a native of Glasgow Scotland

                      who died at New york

                           Nov 12 1882

                          aged 50 years

                       In loving memory of

                         Matthew Wilson

                         born Aug 1 1883

                       died June 11 1884?


                        born Nov 21 1870

                       killed Oct 15 1881

                         Daniel Matthew

                         born Aug 1 1888

                        died Oct 15 1890


                        born Nov 8 1876?

                        died Nov 16 1890

             children of John and Euphemia Morrison

                          In memory of

                         Angus McCormick

                       beloved husband of

                        Christie McCuish

                       died April 11 1872

                          age 40 years

                 native of North Uuist Scotland

                    Erected to the memory of

                       Margaret MacDonald

                        beloved wife of

                         Angus MacDonald

                        died Nov 27 1872

                           aged 30 yrs

             Dear is the spot where Christians sleep

            And sweet the strains their spirits pour

                Oh why should we in anguish weep

                They are not lost but gone before

                  Erected to the remembrance of

                       Mary Jane McKenzie

                      the beloved wife of

                          Angus McLean

                        died Feb 15 1881?

                           age 33 yrs

                     Sacred to the memory of


                  beloved wife of James Bonnar

                       second daughter of

                          Joseph Lang__

                     who died March 13 1872?

                        in her 24th year

                Here lies the remains of Isobelle

                          daughter of

                    John and Marion Campbell

                       (rest is illegible)

                    Erected to the memory of

                    Ewing? Craw__(Crawford?)

                        (stone is broken)

                          another name

                 who departed this life Jan 18__

                          aged 41 years

                          In memory of

                           John David

              beloved son of David & Christy Brown

                         born Dec 2 1879

                        died of diptheria

                          April 18 1885

 We deeply mourn the loss of our dear one but Jesus said suffer 

               little children to come unto me...

                           Erected by

                    James and Mary A. McLean

                   In memory of their daughter


                        died Oct 25 1885

                      aged 1 yr & 3 months


                     William James McLellan

                         died Feb ? 18__

                            age 13 yr

    (the inscription on this stone is obviously hand carved)

                            (Side 1)

                       Ellen W. Henderson

                      the beloved wife of

                         Thomas Moffatt

                        died May 20 1884

                          age 27? years

                            (Side 2)

                      Margaret B. Mitchell

                      the beloved wife of

                         John Henderson

                        died July 10 1852

                          aged 65 years

                            (Side 3)

                          __Ann Johnson


                            (Side 4)

                          Emma Johnson

                     (wife of?) __ Henderson

                         died Feb 1888?

                         aged 57? years

                       also their daughter

                          --ene Wilson?

                            (Side 1)

                     Rev Matthew Wilson M.A.

                         born Jan 1 1806

                        died Dec 13 1884

      Pastor of Sydney Mines North Sydney Little Bras D'Or

        Pastor emeritus of Sydney Mines Little Bras D'Or

                    from 1882 until his death

                     "Faithful until death"

                            (Side 2)

                      Susan Ewing Crawford

                         died Jan 3 1861

                          age 41 years

            beloved wife of Rev. Matthew Wilson M.A.

                     "Faithful until death"

                            (Side 3)

                        Christian Scoular

                          Free Churches

                        died Mar 29 1852

             beloved wife of Rev Matthew Wilson M.A.

                     "Faithful until death"

       This monument erected by his attached congregation.

                            (Side 1)

                 In memory of Charles MacDonald

merchant of Sydney Mines who was born in the Isle of Skye Scotland.

                      December _ A.D. 1815

         and died December 11 A.D. 1879 in his 64th year

He was an enthusiastic Highlander a true friend to all in need

possessed in a prominent degree many of the excellent qualities

               peculiar to the Scottish character.

                            (Side 2)

                          Mary Campbell

                        beloved wife of

                        Charles MacDonald

                        died June 7 1890?

                         aged 67? years

                     also asleep with Jesus

                     their beloved daughter

                            Mary Jane

                        died Dec 22 1873

                           aged 16 yrs

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Created 18 March 1998