Highland Cemetery

L’Ardoise - Grand River Highlands Road
Richmond County, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Transcribed by Joseph V.A. MacPhee
This cemetery is located on the L’Ardoise Highlands Road, approximately 3 kilometers from the L’Ardoise Royal Canadian Legion Branch 110.

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MACCUSPIC, F 89788 Gunner Peter D., R.C.A., July 31, 1916

MACLEAN, Mary, In memory of beloved wife of John MacLean,
                    died April 22, 1885, age 39 years

DOLLMAIER, Henry 1889-1942

MACCUSPIC, Murdoch Angus, 1871 - 1927,
           his wife Catherine, 1881-1964,
           son Angus, 1909-1941,
           Aunt Christie MacCuspic, 1860-1942

FERGUSON, Neil, 1827-1901,
          his wife Lexie, 1834-1913,
          Christy, 1886-1915

MACLEAN, Donald, Died April 20, 1872, aged 65 years

MACLEAN, Bessie, beloved wife of Donald MacLean,
                 died July 22, 1865, aged 38 years

MACASKILL, Alexander, 1855-1920,
           his wife Annie MacLeod,1847-1927

MACASKILL, Angus K., 1880-1964

MACDONALD, Isabella, wife of Angus MacAskill, 1876-1931

MACASKILL, Catherine Mary, 1912-1917,
           also infant, child of Angus & Isabella

MACLEOD, Mary, 1830-1902

MACASKILL, Kenneth, 1881-1961,
           his wife Mary, 1882-1972,
           their son John A, Died in infancy,
           infant Catherine 1916

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Contributed by Joseph V.A. MacPhee

Created 9 March 1998