Moore Cemetery

Pollett's Cove, Inverness County, NS

Single headstone of my Moore Great-grandparents at Pollett's Cove, located in Northern Inverness County, on their old homestead, between the villages of Pleasant Bay and Red River on the south side and the village of Meat Cove to the far north. There are no roads to Pollett's Cove. It can be reached by boat or by hiking in over the mountains. No one now resides at Pollett's Cove.

There are also headstones in a different homestead location for the MacLean family who once lived here. Does anyone have pictures or transcribed the information of the MacLean cemetery headstones at Pollett's Cove?

Information from headstone recorded by Nancy MacDonnell

Please note these are names and dates gathered while working on my own genealogies--local historical societies or church records may have more completed works, different and/or additional information on the family surnames.

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The headstone reads: 
In Memory of 
John A. Moore 
died Sept.15, 1911 
age 64 years. 
his wife 
Jessie A. McKillop 
(of West Bay) 
died Oct.11, 1908 
age 40 years.

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Contributed by Nancy MacDonnell

Created 6 December 1998