Boularderie Island, Cape Breton County, NS

14 May 2000

This burial ground is located at Big Bank South Side of Boularderie Island on private property. It is estimated that 50 or more persons were buried here, most without stones. R. Fraser recorded all stones which could be read 14 May 2000.

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Alexander McIntyre     17 Nov 1919 age 75 yrs
May his soul rest in peace
[cross on top with circle in centre; within circle is a heart, cross and
anchor] [monument by J D Steele, North Sydney]

Billie McDonald     13 Oct 1899   age 12   RIP
[stone made of cement]

small stone - no inscription visible

Allan McIntyre    22 Feb 1902    Age 15 yrs
[cross on back]

Allan McIntyre    28 Nob[sic] 1894    Age 84 
[cross on back]

Mrs A McIntyre   1[8?] June 1871    Age 8[1?]

Mrs Rory Gillis     9 Nor[sic] 1895     Age 4[3 or 8?] RIP
[cross on back]

John James McNeil    25 Mar 1906    Age 19 RIP
[cross on back]

stone - no inscription visible

Joseph Allan, son of Roderick & Mary McIntyre,
6 Oct 1927    Aged 23 yrs
May his soul rest in peace

Our Baby
In loving memory of Mary Margaret,
daughter of Jos & Christy McNeil
11 Sept 1910    Aged 5 mos.

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Created 8 October 2000