Lakeview Cemetery

Gull Cove
Cape Breton County, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Transcribed by Jennifer Witham,
This is only a PARTIAL transcription. The remainder will be added as time allows. This cemetery is just past the village of Gabarus on the Gull Cove Road. All names are recorded as they appeared on the stones.

NOTICE:You may copy for your own use with this notice attached but not distribute electronically or in print or by any other means without written permission.

MacGillivray Philip E 1886-1976 Hilda Morrison 1894-1986 Morrison Roderick J April 26, 1921 Age 69 years Marshall E Bagnell 1860-1931 Eliza A 1890-1899 (daughter; she is buried at Harbour Cemetery) Armstrong Eliza B 1854-1895 Wife of Rory Morrison Sherwood Children of Elias and Rosellen 1955 Clark J. Russell 1903-1965 L. B Edwina 1896-1997 Bagnell Elizabeth 1893-1966 Herman 1895-1972 McGillivray William S Jan 12, 1924 age 68 year Sarah Nov 2, 1925 age 65 years MacGillivray Daniel C 1861-1935 Lucy McKinnon 1857-1930 Bagnell William Russell 1879-1956 Bagnell John James 1889-1947 Amy MacGillivray 1891-1978 Bagnell David 1856-1912 A.B. Almon 1854-1930 McDonald Capt. Harold L 1904 Annie Hilda 1907-1997 Married January 7, 1927 Sutherland Ernest G Dec 26, 1932 - Feb 21, 1996 Married July 21, 1955 Eunice K Sept 16, 1933 (still living) Winton Mary Catherine 1883-1950 Wife of

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Transcription Copyright 1999 Jennifer Witham

Created 08 October 2000