Lower River Inhabitants Catholic Cemetery

Lower River/Evanston, Richmond County, NS

Many older gravesites here without surviving headstone markers. Additions & Corrections Welcome. This is not a complete list of the headstones here; information collected July 1999 by Nancy MacDonnell

Please note these are names and dates gathered while working on my own genealogies--local historical societies or church records may have more completed works, different and/or additional information on the family surnames.

NOTICE:You may copy for your own use with this notice attached but not distribute electronically or in print or by any other means without written permission.

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x Ellen F. Cogswell 

x Edward Martin Cogswell

x Angus William Cogswell

x Margaret Ann 
  9 July 1882-18 May 1937
  wife of Patrick Cogswell
  son- Angus Harold
  22 Feb. 1922- Killed 9 July 1945

x Patrick Cogswell

x R.W. King
  Mrs. Catherine King

x Catherine A. McCormack
  died Dec. 24 1920, aged 75 years
  Our beloved sister

x Flora MacDonald
  died 28 April 1942, 67 years
  wife of Finlay MacCormack

x (front) Florence Catherine Proctor
   died Aug. 24, 1919, 6 years, 10 months.
  (side) Allan Joseph MacCormack, died Quebec,
   Nov. 11, 1928, 22 years.

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Contributed by Nancy MacDonnell

Created 8 April 2000