South Haven, Victoria Co., NS

Located on the old McCharles farm at South Haven, Victoria Co., NS. This cemetery is just north of the TransCanada highway opposite the Glen Valley United church. Inquire locally as the cemetery is overgrown and difficult to locate in the woods. R. Fraser recorded all stones visible 10 July 1999. There may be about 30 graves at this site.

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Erected by John McCharles in memory of dear Father
Donald McCharles who was born at Loch Alsh Ross Shire Scotland
and died St Ann's [Sep?] 1, 1850

In memory of Farquhar McCharles    Born in Loch Atlatch Scotland 1820
Immigrated to CB in 1822     Died June 12, 1905    Aged 83[5?]  yrs
Blessed are the pure in heart
For they shall see God
his wife Grace McLeod    Died Nov 11, 1930    Aged 91 yrs

in loving memory of Isabella McDonald, wife of John McCharles
Died 12 May 1914    Aged 82 yrs

Erected to the memory of John McCharles     Born at Loch Alsh Rossshire Scotland
Died in South Gut St Anns   June 2nd 1883    Aged 78 yrs

In memory of Katherine McCharles    Born at Loch Alsh Rosshire Sco
Died 20 April 1910   aged 94 yrs

Illegible stone

In memory of Angus McIver
Died at Baddeck Bay 1885   aged 86 yrs
Also his wife Annie McLeod   died 1837   aged 35 yrs
Natives of Lewis, Scotland

In memory of Annie McKenzie    1884 - 19[14?]
Donald McKenzie     1877 - 1918
Katy McKenzie       1878 - 191[8?]

In memory of Father & Mother
Donald MacKenzie     Born at Big Harbor, CB
Died Feb 1, 1907    Aged 73 yrs
Sarah MacRae     Died 1883    Aged 37 yrs

Erected by Donald McRae in memory of his father Donald who was born
Loch Alsh Scotland and departed this life on the 26 day of July 1819
Aged [3?]1 years
Also his grandmother Christianna McRae who died 25 January 1837
[Relief: a dessert bowl size fluted representation, surrounded by triangle

Erected by Roderick in memory of  his father
Farquhar McRae, a native of Kintail, Scotland, who died
April 12, 1862    Aged [6?]3 yrs

In memory of Duncan Morrison    Died 31 Oct 1912    Aged 86 yrs
Erected by his son Angus Morrison
We will meet again

Erected by Duncan Morrison in memory of his beloved wife
Sarah   died at St Ann's Oct 15, 1867    Aged 42 yrs

In memory of Donald M [stone flaked off]
who died Dec 18[stone flaked off]

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Created 19 March 2000