Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
New Cemetery
Barra Head, Richmond County, Nova Scotia

(Located west of Church on Route #4)

Transcribed by:
Joseph V.A. MacPhee
and Ross MacKay

NOTICE:You may copy for your own use with this notice attached but not distribute electronically or in print or by any other means without written permission.

Mrs. Bridget Basque 1925-1971 Mr. James Basque 1893-1962 Mrs. Mary Battiste 1906-1956 Peter Battiste Mr. James Bernard 1923-1973 John T. Cameron 1888-1964 Mrs. Catherine A. Campbell 1882-1971 John J. Campbell 1897-1967 Mrs. Annie E. Francis 1951-1973 Mrs. Eliza Francis 1883-1966 Mr. John G. Francis 1947-1974 Mr. Peter Francis 1869-1964 Mr. John Isaac 1903-1957 Mrs. Louise Isaac 1912-1976 Paul Isaac 1938-1971 Alfred Joe Maria Joe 1972-1973 Noel Joe 1969-1973 Mary Jane John 1878-1966 Edward Johnson Mrs. Amelia MacDonald 1892-1962 Dan J. MacDonald 1892-1962 Jessie Bell MacDonald 1883-1975 John F. MacDonald 1910-1974 Mary Ann macDonald 1895-1977 Michael R. MacDonald 1908-1974 Alex MacDonald 1915-1974 Mrs. Edward MacDonald 1885-1976 Mary Ann MacLean 1896-1970 Cecelia Marshall ?-1979 Ernest MacNeil 1891-1976 Neil T. MacNeil ?-1958 Roderick MacNeil 1895-1962 Alexander marshall 1898-1973 "Baby" Mary Marshall 1976-1976 Mrs. Pauline Marshall 1924-1972 John M. Mombourquette 1906-1966 Catherine Murphy 1899-1977 George Murphy 1880-1967 Mrs. Nancy Nevins 1915-1969 Mrs. Helen Nicholas 1890-1968 Mr. Michael Nicholas 1890-1974 Mr. Paul Nicholas 1885-1969 Vernon Elmer O'Toole 1929-1962 Charlotte Robertson 1871-1972 Lester W. Robertson 1907-1977 Mr. Joseph Stevens 1942-1966 Mr. Morris Stevens 1900-1972 Noel Stevens 1913-1972 Mrs. Susan Stevens 1900-1972 Ralph F. Stone 1927-1972 Mary Sutherland 1875-1967 Mary Ann Sutherland 1875-1967 Mary Thomas 1884-1970 Stephen Thomas 1885-1976 Joseph Vincent 1914-1974

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Contributed by Joseph V.A. MacPhee and Ross MacKay

Created 22 January 1999