Baddeck Private Burial Site

Shore Road, Baddeck, Victoria County, NS

Recorded by James E. Roberts about 1993.

On the west end of Shore Rd., only yards from where it rejoins the TCH on the water side, is a house at the end of a long driveway. It was # 10 Shore Rd., but may have a different number now because of 911 numbering. It was owned by a ROSS. On the lee side of the house is a sizeable mound, about 4-5 feet high, and about 12-15 feet in diameter with large trees growing out of the mound. A gravestone is mounted on top. The ROSS's have no idea who these folks are. They came with the house when they bought it.

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				God is Love


		JAMES SPARLING		MARIA  wife of J. Sparling

		DIED				DIED		

		Jan. 31, 1880			Oct.27,1873

		Aged 73 years			Aged 67 years	



		      Died July 1, 1878.  AE 38 yrs.

		    (a saying at the bottom is unclear)

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Contributed by James E. Roberts

Created 17 January 1999
Updated March 11, 2002