St Patrick's Cemetery

Sydney, NS

Located behind St Patrick's Church, Sydney. Recorded by Candace Boudreau and Beverly Darby-Brown December 1998.

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In memory of

Roseann Maria

who departed this life on the 31 day of October 1850 

aged 20 years

The devoted wife of J. T. Robinson

And also in memory of 

Theresa Eveline their child

who died on the 18th day of February 1851

aged ?

Sacred to the memory of Gloria in excelsus

John Manning

a native of Cloyne in the county of Cork

who departed this life

April 12 1857 aged ? years

Also his child Mary Ann

who departed this life

January 1855 aged 11 months

Erected by Elenor Manning

This stone was (placed?) By Peter A. Hann and his wife Elizabeth

In memory of their affectionate father William Hann

native of Ireland

Who departed this life May 23 1852 aged 66 years

Requiescat in pace

Also underneath the remains of their 2 infants Michael John and Peter

The former aged 8 days the latter 7

Another stone has been repaired and as a result it is unreadable

In memory of 

Bridget Cavanaugh

wife of Nicholas Martin

(Died) February 24 1857

Born at St Peters died at Sydney

Here lies the body of

John Butler Wilson 

Who departed this life

on the 21 day of July 1823 aged 74 years

Stone is broken and bottom half only is readable

"Mourn not for me my parents dear

For I am not dead but sleeping here

As I am now, so you must be

Prepare for death and follow me"

This stone was erected by his afflicted parents 

John and Mary Wilson

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Contributed by Beverly Darby-Brown and Candace Boudreau

Created 28 December 1998