Drummond Memorial United Church Cemetery

Boularderie Island, Victoria County

May 1997

Location: Ross Ferry Road, [Kempt Head Road] , Boularderie, Victoria County, NS. R. Fraser recorded all stones May 1997.

NOTICE:You may copy for your own use with this notice attached but not distribute electronically or in print or by any other means without written permission.


Cairn with plaque:

In grateful appreciation to
Isabella Gordon MacKay
of Scotland
And the Edinburgh, Scotland Ladies Association
through their efforts, the Island of Cape Breton
came to be a "well watered garden" with ministers,
teachers, the Boularderie Academy, books, Bibles
and other resources to assist in the education and
spiritual growth of the people.
This monument is placed near the site of the Boularderie
(Munro) Academy by the joint Presbyteries of the
Presbyterian and United Church of Canada and
spiritual descendants.

William A Anderson 1896-1973

Wife Dolena 1895-1984


Frank P Antonioli    Massachusetts

MM2 US Navy   World War II

10 Feb 1907-10 June 1970


Helen Munro Beatty, daughter of Sarah and Kenneth

Munro b 1 July 1916 Boston, Mass

husband Robert L Beatty b 24 June 1916 Yellow

Grass, Sask


John Campbell, Elder 23 Feb 1876-11 March 1964

Wife Annie M Buchanan 7 April 1878-19 Sept 1939

Albert Anderson Campbell 28 Sept 1910-27 Dec 1938

John A Campbell 1882-1970

Lena Belle Buchanan 1885-1960


James Fraser 1858-16 March 1949

Wife Christine Ann 2 May 1888-16 Nov 1946

Son George 21 Jan 1917-25 Jan 1967


Archibald MacDonald 1904-1989

Edith C MacDonald 1904-1983

William D MacDonald 1872-1956

Bessie Ann 1882-1976


David Roy MacGregor 14 Aug 1947-5 April 1989



Frank K MacKay 1876-1940

Wife Jean Campbell 1887-1948

Son Frank K 1919-1982


Adam A MacKenzie, Elder 1877-1977

Wife Agnes MacLeod Hillside Boularderie 1878-1948

Alexander MacKenzie 1909-1969

Wife Nellie   1913-1960

Also two infant children

Catherine MacKenzie 1865-1953

Erected by nieces and nephews

Jessie MacKenzie 5 Dec 1852-22 April 1936

Wife of Colin Munro

Kenneth H MacKenzie [flat stone]

Canada Cpl 19 Infantry

27 Sept 1877-29 Nov 1950

Kenneth H MacKenzie 1877-1950

Wife Mary A 1876-1959

Son Douglas 1906-1966

Roderick MacKenzie 1879-1978

Wife Katherine R 1888-1974

Grandson D Arthur MacKenzie 1948-1971

Murdoch MacKenzie 1879-1960

Donated by John & Jessie MacKay and family


Alexander F MacLeod born at Point Clear 1887

Died at Glace Bay 1969

Son of Murdock MacLeod and Flora MacFarlane

John C F MacLeod 1913-1992

Cpl Malcolm John MacLeod 1898-1981

85th Battalion C.E.F.

Willena A MacLeod 20 May 1932- 22 Oct 1990

Duncan 8 Nov 1915--


John C MacNeil   Private Canadian Army

14 Nov 1990 age 71

Sarah Jane MacNeil 1900-1981


Charles J MacPhail 1927-1991

Gus an Connich Shimm a Rithist

John A MacPhail 20 March 1887-1 April 1972

Sarah Mary 24 Feb 1887-10 April 1975

Ruth, infant daughter of Dan & Norma MacPhail


Clement Mauger 1911-1983

Blanche E 1916---


Edward A Morrison 1898-1992

Wife Tena E MacLeod 1904-

Baby Edward Morrison 30 Dec 1953-4 Feb 1954

William Charles Morrison

World War Two Veteran

b 7 Feb 1924-17 Nov 1946

William K Morrison 30 Dec 1887-18 June 1971

Wife Clara M Binney 20 Feb 1894-15 Feb 1969


Kenneth Bain Munro born Boston, Mass 4 Dec 1917

Died Hagersville, Ont 21 Oct 1993

Wife Eleanor G MacMillan born Star City, Sask

12 June 1921

Rev Kenneth MacLeod Munro  Born at Boularderie in

1885 Ordained in 1911.  Died in 1931 during his ministry

in Montreal.  "He brought me to the banqueting house and

his banner over me was love."

His wife Sarah Elizabeth Williams 23 Nov 1891-17 Nov 1984

Erected by his family and his friends


R 62952 Sergeant

John C Myers   R.C.A.F.

8 Sept 1946


George Osmond    craftsman

R.C.E.M.E.  17 Apr 1988 age 77

George A Osmond 1910-1988


Ernest Shaw 5 Aug 1916-29 March 1988

Son George M Shaw 22 Aug 1946- 14 Feb 1956


Mabel Leona Taylor 1919-1982

James King   1915-1978


Scott Mason Todd 1966-1981

Contributed by R. Fraser
Created 3 August 1997


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